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Brooklyn Danielle Decker is a professional model and actress. She was born on April 12, 1987, in Ohio, United States. She is known by the name Brooklyn Roddick by many. She stands at 5’9’’ and has blue eyes. She has modelled for many fashion brands, magazines, and also made guest appearances on television. Decker is also a very big sports enthusiast.

Early Life

Decker was born in Ohio but has German, Irish, and Dutch ancestry. Her father was a pacemaker supplier and mother a nurse. She was discovered by Mauri Simone at a shopping mall in Charlotte as a teenager. Mauri Simone was a popular designer who hired her for modelling. She modelled at many talent conventions at first. Decker revealed that she was obsesseed to food and her father to stop her from that.

She has posed for magazines like Sports Illustrated, Teen Vogue and many other. She later appeared in movies and Tv shows. She has also featured in music videos for some popular artist. Apart from this, her enthusiasm for basketball is very evident as she is seen discussing and also watching matches.


Decker is popularly known for her stint with the Sports Illustrated magazine. She auditioned for the Sports Illustrated in 2006 and made her first appearance in that years issue itself. She was bagged for the same role in 2007,2008 and 2009.The 12th February 2010 issue of Sports Illustrated featured her on the cover of the swimsuit magazine. She modeled for Victoria’s Secret swimsuit collection in 2010. Brooklyn Decker made her acting debut in 2009 in the show Chuck. She featured in two more Tv show in 2009 and then made her film debut in 2011. She debuted in Just Go With It alongside Adam Sandler.

Decker debut gained her praise as she announced herself in the industry. Her first hit was the 2012 released, What to Expect When You’re Expecting. Her latest project was Results which released in 2015. Her debut saw her nominated for Just Go With It for which she eventually the awards. In 2013, she was nominated for the worst supporting actress at the Razzie Awards, which fortunately did not win. Decker is married to former tennis international Andy Roddick presently and has a son which she gave birth to in 2015. She presently resides with her husband in Texas.

Upcoming Projects

Decker has already completed Casual Encounters which is in its post-production. She has also completed shooting for an untitled project directed by Warren Beatty Warren Beatty, whose full name is Henry Warren Bea >> Read More... , which is due to release in 2016. She is presently shooting for a Tv series, Grace and Frankie, which she has been part of since 2015. Lovesong is another one her bigger projects she is working for.


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