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At nine months of age, Ashley Olsen pursued acting as a career choice. She became an icon to teenagers across the globe because of her style and charisma. She achieved success and fame through her role of Michelle Tanner on the American sitcom Full House Full House is a comedy tv serial. It was very popu >> Read More... , which aired on ABC. Although, she did flourish as an actress, she gained immense popularity in the fashion world as a designer and a businesswoman. She is a published author and a reputed producer. She owns successful fashion lines such as Olsenboye, The Row and Elizabeth & James.

She is a kind hearted and generous person by nature. Ashley grew up in Sherman Oaks, California with her twin sister Mary-Kate Olsen, her elder brother and younger sister, Trent Olsen and Elizabeth Olsen Born in Sherman Oaks, a city in California on Febr >> Read More... , respectively. She got offered the role of the protagonist on the delightful show Full House in 1987. The show illustrates the bonding between relatives in a comical and offbeat manner. The series went off air in the year 1995, following which, Olsen tried her hand in video films.

She starred in another show called Two Of A Kind, which broadcasted on ABC during the late 1990s. Ashley played the role of a studious yet girly 12-year-old who is quite the opposite of her gamine twin sister (enacted by Mary-Kate Olsen). Following the outrageous success of her television series, Ashley was ranked third among 100 Greatest Child Stars. She illustrated a major role in a romantic-comedy titled New York Minute (2004). Ashley co-founded the production house named Dualstar Entertainment Group, which suffered a grand loss due to monetary expenditure on a flop film.

She received many prestigious awards including Best Young Actress for her role in Full House. In 2012, she decided to suspend her acting career and switch to fashion designing instead. Motivated by the public interest in her fashion sense, Ashley started a clothing line for girls under the age of 14 in America. She co-founded the brand titled The Row in 2005, which was globally launched. The fashion company Elizabeth & James, inaugurated in 2007, by Olsen, focuses on modern apparel.

The same year, Forbes’ magazine proclaimed Ashley to be the eleventh richest woman in entertainment. Apart from her fruitful attempts in the fields of fashion and entertainment, Ashley authored a book titled Influence. She is currently occupied as the creative director at Superga. She won the award for the Women’s Wear Designer of the Year in 2015.