Amy Acker English Actress
  • DOB : 05-12-1976
  • Age : 46
  • Star Sign : Sagittarius

Amy Acker was born on the fifth of December, 1976 in Texas, America. She had no knowledge of the film or media industry while she was just a child since her mother was a homemaker and her father was a lawyer. Amy had developed a zeal for movies since her childhood, and this led her to a graduation course in Theatre from the ‘Southern Methodist University’.

After her degree, she acted in various stage plays and also seriously considered modeling as a career option, before resorting to acting after her degree in Fine Arts. During the time when she acted in stage plays, she also had the privilege to act in the ‘American Players Theatre’ in Wisconsin.

Although she appeared in a lot of television series since 1998, She started getting attention due to the popular series ‘ Angels Click to look into! >> Read More... Angels ’ in which she acted from 2001-2004. ‘Angels’ also gave her the big break, which was desperately needed for her acting career.

In 2003, she earned a milestone by receiving the ‘Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress’ for her performance in the last series of Angels. She signed the guest contract for a series named ‘ Alias Alias was an English action television series that >> Read More... Alias ’ in 2005, and considering her excellent performance in it; she was given a permanent contract. Acker even had the privilege of acting in a guest role in the evergreen series of ‘How I Met Your Mother’.

Apart from acting, she also lends her voice to various television shows, such as Justice League Click to look into! >> Read More... Justice League , which was an animated flick. Amy has been cast in over thirty television series and apart from the Saturn Awards, she also received the ‘Indie Series Award’ in 2014. Other than television series, she has also acted in small and prominent roles in fourteen films. Amy married the American actor James Carpinello in 2003. She still continues her acting career despite her family commitments.