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Katherine Dee aka KaDee was born on December 14, 1975, Georgia. Her parents Susan Strickland and Dee Strickland. She was famous in the industry as KaDee. Her work was to pick up tobacco from the local form for about Eight years. She got inspired from her childhood by watching the movie Annie Hall; she desired to be that position. She became popular to the society because of her achievements and all Activities. She was the president of her school council; She was also the homecoming queen in her school days.

After her schooling, she desired to study at Drama College, but her parents are not allowed her study there. After that, she applied in University of Arts in Philadelphia. She served in a hotel; she also worked in a casting agency where she had to redlines for Television and film projects; this made her launch her first talkie. By the year 2006, she received the Silver Star Award. By the year 1999, she started her first appearance in the movie The Sixth Sense. She then appeared in the film The Sterling Chase, which was an independent film. She also starred in a small opposite role against Angelina Julia in the drama Girl, Interrupted. She received several film offers during her stay at Philadelphia like Train ride which was a thriller movie. She then cast in the play Diamond Men. She then starred in the Lough's talkie Bomb the System.

Apart from starring in the film, she started to participate in onstage shows includes “A Requiem For thing past” and” Women of Manhattan.” She then appeared in Television shows like Law & order, All my children where she made Guest appearance. She also appeared in various types of movies from 2003, like “Anything else” which was directed by Woody Allen she was the diehard fan of Allen. After that talkie, she reported that her dream became true baby working with his movie, which was a big break in her career. After that, her second film was Something's Gotta Give, which was the commercial success. She then appeared in Knots which was also an Independent film. Her first lead role in the movie Something's Gotta Give. After that, she appeared in the horror movie “Anacondas the Hunt for the Blood Orchid”.

The talkie was not much success as its previous projects. There was much positive feedback for the film but although the project suffered a lot of critic from the magazine that the talkie is stupidly plotted, and the scenes were acted in the worst manner. Her next task in The Grudge which was also a horror cine, which was the recreation of another language movie “Ju-no: the grudge.” The movie was the box office in U.S that was a blockbuster hit. By 2004, she acted in the cine Fever Pitch, which was a romantic comedy starring film. This play helps her to increase her career profile. She then appeared as a lawyer in a movie American Gangster. Apart from movies she also appeared in several Television shows, the series includes Laws of chance which was highly successful. By late 2005, she cast in the series The Flock, which was a crime featuring about the task of finding a missing girl. Her first television aired program was the series The Wedding Bells. The concept of the series was love and commitment.

The show started by 2007 March, but it was canceled. By the year 1996, she appeared in her first music video Oasis's "Don't Look Back In Anger". After that, by 2009, she came back in Rascal Flatts's "Here Comes Goodbye". In her personal life, she worked in the nation's largest Anti-sexual organization, Rainn. She then spoke out for a passage of safer backlog of the untested DNA. She also became an advocate for the blockage of DNA evidence.


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