Amy Seimetz is an American director, actor, editor, writer, and producer, living in Los Angeles. The debut movie under her direction, edition and production, “Sun Don’t Shine,” owned her The Spark Award, which was a special jury prize at the International Film Festival of River Run. The movie also won the Best Indie wire Undistributed Film of 2012. The Same year it was nominated for The Best Film Award of “Not Playing at A Theatre Near You,” by the Gotham Independent Film Awards. In 2013, her films like Pit Stop and Upstream Colour were premiered at the Sundance Festival and acclaimed by the critics as well. Amy Seimetz was born on 25th November 1981 in Florida, USA. Her birth name is Amy Lynne Seimetz. She brought up at the Tamp-St.

Petersburg Compound. She has completed a brief education on film from the Florida State University. At the time of education, Amy was working as a waitress, a nanny, and as a seamstress also. Amy started her career as a film person in directing and producing of Independent and short movies. One of her short film, “Medicine for Melancholy” was played at the Toronto Film Festival and South by Southwest as well. This film was also selected for the Gotham & Spirit Awards. She got the real breakthrough as an actress with her excellent performance in the film by Joe Swanberg Joe Swanberg was born in Detroit, Michigan on 31st >> Read More... Joe Swanberg , “Alexander the Last” was premiered at SXSW. She also acted in two more films under the directions of Joe Swanberg are ‘Autoerotic,” and “Silver Bullets.” She has also featured in the movies of some prominent directors such as “Gabi on the Roof in July” by Lawrence Levine, “Tiny Furniture” (premiered at SXSW) by Lena Dunham.

She also featured in the cinemas such as “Open Five” by Kentucker Audley, and in “Myth of the American Sleepover” (Played at the Cannes Film Festival) by David Robert Mitchell David Robert Mitchell is an American film director >> Read More... David Robert Mitchell . Seimetz won the Award for Best Actress at Fantastic Fest, for her brilliant acting in the film “A Horrible Way to Die,” was premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. She is very popular for her performance in the drama movie “The off Hours” by Megan Griffith, was premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2011. For her performance, The Hollywood Reporter stands out her as the breakout of Sundance along with the stars like Elizabeth Olsen Born in Sherman Oaks, a city in California on Febr >> Read More... Elizabeth Olsen , Brit Morling, etc. Another newspaper, The Los Angeles Times mentioned her as the most valuable player of Sundance that year.

Before moving to Los Angeles, Amy was working on experimental films and experimental theaters in San Francisco. She has a tremendous contribution towards the Television World also. With her skillful and unique artistry, she joined the series, AMC, “The Killing,” for fourteen episodes in 2013-14. Previously in 2013, she acted in some T.V. series such as “Family Tree” and “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.” In 2016, Starz selected her as the co-writer, co-director, co-producer, executive producer along with as an actress to make a thirteen episode series of the movie “The Girlfriend Experience” with another director Lodge Kerrigan, She has also directed, edited and wrote the for five episodes of the second season of this series Amy Seimetz is on her way to gift some more movies to the Cinema World in the near future. Some upcoming movies under her production are Alien: Covenant, Lean on Pete, Mercy, and an untitled project of Emily Dickinson. In two of these films, she will appear as an actress. These cinemas will release in 2017.