Agnes Bruckner is an American actress who started her career in the late 1990s. She has worked in over 25 movies and 15 television shows. This blonde actress is best recognized for her work in “Blood and Chocolate.” She has been fantastically and successfully delivering great performances on both Television and films. At the age of 11, she climbed her very first step of her career. She appeared on a show called “The Bold and the Beautiful” – a daytime drama telecasted on CBS (1987). And very soon, when she was 15, Agnes got the lead role in a television series called ‘Blue Car’ with actor as David Strathairn David Russell Strathairn, an American actor, born >> Read More... David Strathairn . Agnes played the role of a teenager who apparently falls in love with her teacher (David Strathairn). But it was later in 1999 that she started acting professionally.

Bruckner was nominated for her role in ‘Blue Car’ in Independent Spirit Awards for "Best Female Lead". Bruckner, as many might know is also a former photomodel, who eventually dedicated herself towards acting. Bruckner initially wanted to pursue her career as a dancer. At the age of 5, she learned two different dance forms, tap and ballet. She was also a child model and then participated in a beauty pageant on her mother’s call. Agnes was born in California to a Russian mother and a Hungarian father. She has one brother and two sisters.

In 1984, her parents relocated to the USA through a refugee camp in Italy. In the following years, she did some minor roles in T.V and movie; ‘The Glass House’, a thriller released in 2001 followed by another great movie with Sandra Bullocks as a co-star; ‘Murder by Numbers’. Bruckner has also been a part ‘24’- a successful serial drama aired on Fox. In 2005, she appeared in a horror film ‘ Venom Click to look into! >> Read More... Venom ’. In 2002, Motion Picture Club awarded her with the “Star of Tomorrow” title.

Further in 2007, Bruckner appeared in the ‘Blood and Chocolate’- a horror/romance movie and then in 2008 ‘Say Hello to Stan Talmadge’ and in 2011 ‘The Craigslist Killer’. In her personal life, she is very close to her people. She tries to stay away from the “Hollywood” life and spends her spare time with friends and family. She gave birth to a baby boy in March 2016.