Albert Brooks

Other names of Albert Brooks: Albert Lawrence Brooks

Albert Lawrence Brooks was born on July 22, 1947. His earlier name being Albert Lawrence Einstein. He is an extraordinary personality as he leads the field of acting, writing, directing and comedy. Albert Lawrence has received an Academy Award also known as Oscars for his work in Broadcast News 1987 which is considered to be a romantic comedy drama film. His dub in the film Finding Nemo by Disney was highly appreciated and also for the animated series The Simpsons The Simpsons is a funny, highly popular American s >> Read More... which is set in the fictional town. His talent is also witnessed in comedy thrills like Modern Romance a film that leaves a man to giggle hard. It was produced in 1981, Lost in America is a story by Brooks in which a couple decides to leave their job and travel across America. He has not only written comedy books like these but also the Satire 2030: The Real Story Of What Happens To Am. Albert Brooks changed his name from Albert Einstein at the age of 19. His comedic start made Albert Brooks a popular man. He started his career with comedy shows which gained him appreciation and popularity.

He gave two subsequent comedy hits in 1973- Comedy Minus One and 1975- A Star is Bought, which was also nominated for the Grammy Award. In 1975, his career took new heights when he got to direct six short films for the first season of Saturday Night Life. Albert Brooks conquered television with his presence in eight television series starting with his first show in 1969 named Hot Wheels Hot Wheels is a Telugu informative television show >> Read More... , in 1970 The Odd Couple, and many other shows. The last appearance on silver screen was in 2008 named Weeds. Albert Brook has contributed to the entertainment of the audiences majorly and would certainly entertain us with his brilliance performance in the future.

Alan Cumming English Actor

Alan Cumming

Alan Cumming's birth was on January 27, 1965. He is a versatile actor, excellent author and a strong activist. Alan Cumming has won over 50 awards for his performance in works like Hamlet, Bent and The Bacchae. His performance was highly praised and appreciated in his works like Emma which is a period film of the year 1996; GoldenEye is the 17th spy-fi film in the James Bond series, the Spy Kids trilogy is a spy kids series, andX2-X-Men United is a superhero film of 2004. Cumming introduced his work related to the functioning of PBS and appears on the show The Good Wife, for which he has been nominated for Primetime Emmy Awards which is an American accolade in two categories, Screen Actors Guild Awards accolade for television artists in two categories, Golden Globe Awards which is n American accolade by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association in two categories and a single category for Satellite Award. Cumming also contributed to the theatre for a very long time in his native land Scotland. In 1988, he was part of Edinburgh's work Conquest for the South Pole. For this also won An Oliver Award in London under the category of Most Promising Newcomer which later was proved correct through his dedication and skill. He won Oliver award for his comic performance in the play Accidental Death of an Anarchist. He gained a nomination for the Oliver Award in a Musical. He with his performance managed to grab the Outer Critics Circle Award and the Drama Desk Award too. He also won the TMA BEST ACTOR AWARD for his work in the year 1993. These were some of the examples of his brilliance while there some other awards grabbed and a few in which he was nominated but could not grab the award. His brilliance of work has no limits and in one of his interview, he stated that he still, looks for improvement because nothing is just perfect except God. Alan Cumming has also written for various newspapers and magazines. He also wrote and published his books which were appreciated by the readers. Alan Cumming has contributed highly to the field of entertainment always be it in any form and he has always won our appreciation.


Albert Finney

Albert Finney took birth in 1936. He is a British actor. His great charisma was successful in many of the Shakespeare plays. He passed away at the age of 79. His birth place was in London. After having so many successful plays, he switched over his career to movies. Initially, Albert Finney was a bookmaker. He got trained at Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. He was too young to act as a lead actor in Hollywood cinemas. At the outset, he used to work behind the screens and grew into a famous stage artist. He started his career in the theatre and became a popular star in Hollywood theatres.  Albert stepped as a stage artist in the year 1958 and made many plays which gave him confidence so that he can make his future as an actor. His appearance in movies was first seen in 1960. After his first film, he went on a break. After this break, he made a series of plays and then moved to the big screen. Meanwhile, he started working as a director and his presence became less recurrent in the big screen.  Being popular as an actor, Albert also sang for two movies. Even though he directed movies and worked as a musical director, he never gave up the stage performances. In 1997, he had his last stint as a stage actor. He worked in many TV channels and won millions of heart. He also won several awards. Albert has won five Oscar nominations, but he has never received it. He has won many awards for his excellence. Later on, he suffered from kidney cancer and succumbed to it in 2012. His death broke the hearts of his fans.  

Albert Finney English Actor