Jared Francis Harris well-known as Jared Harris is famous for his exemplary performance in movies like Igby Goes Down, Lost in Space, etc. Jared Harris was born on 24 August 1961. He was born in London, England. His father Richard Harris is an Irish Actor. His mother Elizabeth Harris is the first wife of Richard Harris and an Actress. His younger brother Jamie Harris is an actor too. His elder brother Damian Harris is a director. His maternal grandfather David Rees is also a politician. It shows that the entire family is a well settled one. Jared Harris did his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Duke University, the USA in 1983.

Though Jared Harris has a great background from the field of acting, he never showed much interest in acting. After his graduation, he went to the UK and joined at The Central School of Speech and Drama, where he came to know his talent in acting. Jared Harris entered the film industry as a director for an unfinished movie Darkmoor in 1983. He joined in Royal Shakespeare Company, and he acted in Hamlet, 'Romeo and Juliet,' etc. After those characters, he appeared in The Rachel Papers in 1989 which became his screen debut.

His career as an actor started and he did some notable roles. He took the role of Andy Warhol in I Shot Andy Warhol. He performed the character of John Lennon in made for TV movie Two of Us. Jared Harris appeared as Vladimir in Happiness, which is a black comedy drama. Recently, he appeared in Stephen Spielberg's Lincoln as Ulysses S.Grant. He took the role of Lane Pryce in Mad Men. Coming to his personal life, he married thrice and divorced twice. Jared Harris married Jacqueline Goldenberg. In 1989, he married and in 1990's, he divorced her. Later be married Emilia Fox on July 16, 2005, and divorced in June 2010. Finally, he married a TV host Allegra Riggio on November 9, 2013.

Jan Pavel Filipensky English Actor

Jan Pavel Filipensky

Jan Pavel Filipensky is an actor from the town Prague in the country Czech. He was born on 8th October in the year 1973. He is well known for his role in 2002’s action thriller XXX where he played Victor. He was later appreciated for his performance as Boris in AVP: Alien vs Predator in 2004. Recently, he was seen in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol in 2011. Apart from being an actor, his performances of his own stunts are also highly acclaimed for its flawless finishing, hence giving him the title of a superb Stuntman. He started his career with the commencement of the 21st century with the flick Rage of the Innocents. He did another movie in the same year, Fatal Conflict, where he played a Mine Reception Guard. His acting career started with these small roles. In 2002, he was seen in the role of Turgo in a flick called Fatal Conflict. His breakthrough as an actor was in the action thriller XXX which was released in 2002. His stunts and action performance in the movie was appreciated. The film did well to get the production benchmark as well and now a sequel to the same is due release in January 2017 which will Fast and Furious star Vin Diesel along with Bollywood Diva Deepika Padukone. He played the role of Victor in XXX. After the success of XXX, he did a film in 2003 called Children of Dune where he played a Tiger Trainer. In the year of 2004, he came out with two movies. These films were Chasing Liberty and Alien vs Predator. He played a small role in Chasing Liberty of a farmer’s son. His performance in Alien vs Predator of the character Boris was another point of breakthrough in his acting career. The action and use of Science and Technology in the flick were appreciated by the audiences. In 2005, he played the role of a Well Digger in Everything is Illuminated. He also played an interesting character of a Fire Eater in 2007 flick called La Vie en rose. He was then seen in the same year in another movie called Josephine, ange gardien where he played a simple role of a guard. Another important role in his acting timeline was of Wimbleweather in 2008. He played this role in The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. This movie gained popularity amongst kids and teenagers.


Jared Leto

American actor, singer, and lyricist Jared Joseph Leto, who is well known as Jared Leto was born on December 26, 1971, in Louisiana, USA. His father committed suicide when he was eight years old and then his maternal grandparents William Lee Metrejon and Ruby Russell raised him. Throughout his childhood, he grew among the artistic clan which includes photographers, painters, musicians, etc. He didn't continue his tenth grade, and he entered the private school Emerson Preparatory School. Later he graduated from Flint High School, Virginia. His brother is Shannon Leto. He is famous for his other names like Bartholomew Cubbins and Angakok Panipaq. He had an interesting childhood in fact. He didn't have stable aims throughout his career. With an interest in visual arts, he joined in University of Arts, Philadelphia. Later he changed his mind and joined School of Visual Arts in New York to learn filmmaking. He wrote and worked out on his short film Crying Joy when he was in School of Visual Arts. Once he moved to Los Angeles in 1992, he worked on building his career more practically. He went to directing, and he also played a few roles in TV serial My So-Called Life. Though it was banned after the first season, they got a huge fan base, and he appeared in debut television film Cook and the Crazy. His debut film role is in How to Make an American Quilt. Soon he appeared in Lost of The High Kings, Switchback, etc. His experimental character sketch appears in the biopic Prefontaine, in which he portrayed the life of an Olympic athlete, Steve Prefontaine. Though it is a financial hit, his horror movie Urban Legend didn't attract the audience as well as the critics. His supporting role in The Thin Red Line is the most remarkable character in his lifetime. He shared Satellite Award with the crew and then the film got seven Academy Award nominations. Jared Leto entered into the music career in a full pledged in 1988, and he started a rock band named Thirty Seconds to Mars and then he had a wonderful career. He is a renowned philanthropist too. He has actively participated in charitable and humanitarian aspects of society.

Jared Leto English Actor