Birthday: 19-10-1986
Age: 32
Star sign: Scorpio


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Raj Suri English Actor

Raj Suri

Raj Suri is an actor in the Indian film industry. He also worked as a producer in many of the Australian-Indian movies. The actor hailed from Sydney, Australia with his roots in India. His immense talents include Acting, Photography, Production and Talent Acquisition. He devoted more than fifteen years of his life to the world of cinema. He extensively worked with the director Onir in many of his films. One such movie was ‘My brother Nikhil’ which got screened in Australia. He co-produced a film series with the name of ‘I am’ project. One of the movies from this series named ‘I am Megha’ was critically acclaimed and garnered a lot of positive criticism. The ‘I am’ project got selected for the Vancouver International film festival in the year 2019 and received the National award in the best Hindi movie Category. The actor had a keen interest in the collaboration of the Australian, and Indian cinematic worlds and it was crystal clear in his films. The project ‘I am’ traveled the world and got screened at many renowned places in the world. It had a screening at the University of Newcastle and also at the also at the Annual Parramasala festival in the year 2014. He always had a unique perspective regarding Art Films and felt that real art lies out of the commercial zone and only people who think beyond the horizon holds the capacity to portray it accurately. Raj debuted with the film Shab in the year 2017. It got directed by Onir and had a screening in Australia and Melbourne. It was an Independent movie. He also co-produced the masterpiece ‘Chauranga’ in the year 2016. It got distributed by the media giant Netflix in Australia. He worked with the production house Kahwa Entertainment in Mumbai and also made two documentaries called ‘Bihari Lal Australian wanderer’ and Finding time in Morocco. He Judged the Bollywood star SBI, an Australian series in the year 2012. Raj started one of its first kind of beauty pageant and named it ‘Miss India Australia’ contest which gave opportunities to the youngsters to showcase their talent. The actor had equal interests in social welfare and societal causes, especially in the well-being of women. Hence, he did many events to raise awareness and support women empowerment. He founded the ‘Global style group’ an initiative to promote women rights which styled the ladies and provide them with grooming advice and tips and tricks.