Sam Neill English Actor
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Sam Neill, whose actual name is Nigel John Dermot Neill, is an actor. His birthday fells on September 14, 1970. He grew up in Omagh, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. His parent’s names are Dermot Neill and Priscilla Beatrice. His father belonged to New Zealand and worked for its army while his mother was an English native. Sam's father is the owner of Neill and Co, New Zealand's largest retailer. Though he was born in England, he identifies himself as a New Zealand native.

After his birth, in 1954, his family shifted to New Zealand with him. He attended Christ's College, a boarding school of boys and the University of Canterbury. While studying at the University of Canterbury, he got acting exposure. He then enrolled himself in Victoria University. As a child, he suffered from stammering. He decided to change his name from Nigel to Sam, since there were many students in his class with whom he shared the title.

He then started working at the National Film Unit, New Zealand as a director. While working there, he got the opportunity to star in Sleeping Dogs, he agreed. After acting in Sleeping Dogs and with the help of his mentor James Mason, his career took off, and he began enacting in films, TV shows and like My Brilliant Career, Omen III: The Final Conflict, Evil Angels, In the Mouth of Madness, Peaky Blinders and much more. He was the leading contender to play the coveted James Bond after Roger Moore. Unfortunately, Timothy Dalton bagged the role. In 1978, he married to Lisa Harrow.

However, after being together for eleven years, they split up. He then got hitched to Noriko Watanabe, a makeup artist. The couple has a daughter named Elena. While he was in his twenties, he had gathered a son but didn't took his responsibility and gave him up for adoption. However, later they reunited. Sam has bought a residence property in Wellington and Sydney. He also supports the British Stammering Association and Australian Speak Easy Association.

The Order of the British Empire appointed him as their officer for his contributions to the world cinema as an actor. New Zealand Order of Merit also authorized Sam as their Distinguished Companion. In 2002, the University of Canterbury awarded Sam, the honorary Doctor of Letters. He is an actor who has worked in international cinema and has dabbled in several genres. Sam has also won the AACTA Award for his Supporting Role in the Evil Angels.