Jonathan Sagall was born in Toronto, Canada on 23rd April 1959. Jonathan is an admired actor in Canada, also a film and TV series director. He and his family resided in Israel and shifted to Canada when Jonathan was 11. He had his primary education at Haifa; later he joined the Hebrew Reali School in the city from where he was later graduated. His mother is an actress at the Haifa Theatre; he is closely related to his mother.

He was seen in an Israeli Television series at the age of 18 but went unnoticed. In 1978, Jonathan played the character of Momo in the Israeli cult film, Popsicle through this movie he finally came to limelight and gathered heavy response and was acclaimed for his brilliant work; the movie had its sequels which received the same response at the box-office. Jonathan appeared as the lead actor in the 1983 release, Drifting.

The movie was the first Israeli film based on the theme of LGBT; the story is about a man, Robi. He lives with his grandparents and runs a store. He wants to become a movie director and craves to find true love. Robi falls in love with a man but is scolded by his grandparents for his homosexuality; they force him to marry a girl ad raise a family. In 1992, Jonathan appeared in the Schindler’s List directed by Steve Spielberg where he portrayed the character of Poldek Pfefferberg.

The story is about a German entrepreneur who saved thousands of life of the Polish-Jewish refugees by employing them at his factories during the Holocaust. In 1998, Jonathan wrote and directed Urban Feel; the story is about a couple who have a troubled marriage and the situation becomes worse when the wife’s ex-boyfriend enters their life.

The movie was immensely popular and received various nominations and was also a part of the 49th Berlin Film Festival. Jonathan has been into directing movies and also playing roles partly in them. In 2011, Jonathan wrote, directed and produced Lipstikka, the story of the picture is about two women who come together and work on the details of a life-changing incident that takes them back to Jerusalem when they were teenagers. Jonathan is also been actively involved in TV series; he was a part of HaMakom.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers English Actor

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Jonathan Michael Francis O'Keeffe, who is known to the film industry and his fans as Jonathan Rhys Meyers is an Irish actor. His birth took place on 27 July 1977 in Dublin, Ireland. His father is John O'Keeffe, a well-known folk musician and his mother is Geraldine. He has three brothers Jamie, Paul and Alan, and all of them are famous musicians. Jonathan's parents divorced when he was three years old. Later he went to the North Monastery Christian Brothers School. Because of some academic reasons, the management didn't allow him to attend the school. He started working in the pool halls and farms. He spent his childhood with several bitter experiences. He spent the days where there was extreme poverty in the house. For a few days, he even stayed at an orphanage. When the directors of War of the Buttons, were searching for Irish boys, they found out Jonathan. He was invited to the audition, and he got through the audition. But he didn't act for the movie. Later in 1994, he gave his first appearance with his very minor role in A Man of No Importance, which drew the attention of the people. He took the title role in Michael Collins and later in Ride with the Devil, which is a thriller. He played the role of Pitt Mackeson in this movie. His constant efforts to enter into acting resulted in the remarkable characters in 1977 movies maker, Telling Lies in America, etc. Jonathan Rhys Meyers played and received many awards in television industry too. He played the roles in ‘Gormenghast’, ‘Elvis’. For the role in Elvis, he earned an Emmy Award and a nomination for the Golden Globe. As Henry VIII in The Tudors, he received a nomination for 2007 Golden Globe Award for the Best Actor in Television Drama. His dedicated role as a girl's football coach for the movie Bend It Like Beckham is very inspiring and received huge success. His roles in Mission: Impossible III, Velvet Goldmine, are the most adorable ones, and most of his fans remember him for these characters. The Children of Huang Shi, August Rush, are the characters which come under his credit. Jonathan Rhys Meyers starred in the negative roles too. He scored the role of a villain in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. The story is an adaption from a best-selling book. He even worked for the musical roles. He also did a role as a singer and songwriter on the screen. He got the 80th Golden Globe for the Best Original Songs. He appeared in the 2015 movie ‘Stonewall’. He was in a relationship with Reena Hammer. He had some legal allegations too.


Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Jonathan Taylor Weiss famously known to the film industry as Jonathan Taylor Thomas was born on September 8, 1981 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA. He was born to Claudine, a social worker and Stephen Weiss, an industrial sales manager. When Jonathan was four years old, they settled in Sacramento. In 1991, they were divorced. Then Jonathan Taylor Thomas stayed with his mother and his only older brother Joel. From his childhood, he had a craze for entertainment. He used to follow the music band Boys || Men. He is a big fan of Rose Anne, Grace Under Fire, etc. By 2000, he studied honors from Chaminade College Preparatory School, California. Later to study Philosophy and History, he joined Harvard University and went to St. Andrew's University in Scotland to spend the third year. He again graduated from Columbia University School of General Studies in 2010. He had a little background support into films. His uncle Jeff Weiss is an actor and playwright. Jonathan Taylor Thomas entered the film industry at a very tender age. But he never lost his interest in studies and academics. In order to keep himself updated about the current affairs and events, he used to watch and follow news on CNN. He played the role of Kevin in a 1990 film The Bradys. He had much experience by then with his appearance in some commercials from his childhood. He entered his seventh year and by then he appeared in some commercial ads like Mattel Toys and he worked for print advertisements too. Apart from this, he also voiced for some feature films. In 1991, he appeared as Randy Taylor in Home Improvement and later took the role in 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter in 2004. He also appeared in a detective drama Veronica Mars and he worked on Last Man Standing for many years. In films he took the roles which are a bit memorable. Man of the House, The Adventures of Pinocchio, Walking Across Egypt, are the action films in which he played reasonable roles. He voiced the character ‘Simba’ in the Disney animated feature film The Lion King. Jonathan Taylor Thomas is a very young and dynamic actor. He is a tyrant vegetarian. He never preferred meat as his food and never used the medicines that were tested on animals. At a very young age, he got a huge fan base for his roles in the action movies and the television sitcoms. Even the critics have well acclaimed his performance, especially his voice-over for Simba. He has a few new projects lined up in the coming years.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas English Actor