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One of the living legendary actors in Hollywood history. He has been reigning silver screen for more than five decades and famous for being the father of actress . Born as Jonathan Vincent Voight on December 29, 1938 in New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York , United States. He first appeared in various roles in TV series starting from 1962 until 1967 he made his debut in a movie called “Fearless Frank.” He got his award winning role in as Joe Back a boy prostitute in the streets of New York in the movie “Midnight Cowboy.” For the first time in the history, an X-rated movie received awards from award giving bodies. He continued to land in major roles including Ed Gentry in the 1972 movie “Deliverance.” Before “Brokeback Mountain” he did it first and happened in his award winning movie, story evolved in a husband that went to Vietnam War and falls in love with another man for the movie “ Coming Home Click to look into! >> Read More... Coming Home .”

He starred also as Billy Flynn in the 1979 movie “The Champ”, entangled with a train with no brakes and no one operating it in the movie “Runaway Train”, and he continuously starred in TV miniseries and films. In 1996 he made it possible with in their over the top and blockbuster hit film “Mission: Impossible.” Ethan played by Cruise, was task to retrieve important file from a secured facility hanging from a rope and even drop of his sweat will trigger the alarms. He also worked with and Danny DeVito They said he is small but terrible; actually he is >> Read More... Danny DeVito in the movie “The Rainmaker.” He starred with Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez aka Jennifer Lynn Lopez is an Ameri >> Read More... Jennifer Lopez in the blockbuster movie “Anaconda”, he starred as an insane hunter to catch the giant and killing spree snake.

He also starred with the phenomenal blockbuster king in the movie “Enemy of the State.” He played Thomas Reynolds that will cover up the murder of a high profile politician and the lawyer Will Smith character will be entangled with their dirty motives violating his human rights using spy system. He silenced for a while and rattled silver screen as he depicted Franklin D. Roosevelt and gave his “infamy speech” in the movie “Pearl Harbor” alongside , and Hosh Hartnett. He starred as Howard Cosell in the biographical film “ Ali Click to look into! >> Read More... Ali ”, and in between different movies in the earley years of 2000 up to the end of decade received multiple awards and nominations for his TV films and miniseries. He starred as Patrick Gates father of that gave up their family beliefs about riddles and clues to find the “National Treasures.” He starred as Senator Jordan in the story of soldiers being kidnapped and brainwashed during Gulf War for the movie “The Manchurian Candidate” alongside Denzel Washington Born as Denzel Hayes Washington, Jr. on December 2 >> Read More... Denzel Washington and . He also bagged one of the major roles in the juggernaut and high profile movie called “Transformers” alongside Josh Duhamel The star of Hollywood, Joshua David Duhamel, is we >> Read More... Josh Duhamel , Shia LaBeouf One of the most famous stars of his time. The wide >> Read More... Shia LaBeouf and . He played the role Secretary of Defense Keller that is so open minded and did a proper depiction that a government official should act in times of crisis. He helped his son Benjamin to clean and prove innocence of their ancestor in the Lincoln assassination, and prove existence of legendary secret diary of American presidents in the sequel “National Treasure: Book of Secrets.” He starred in the movie “Pride and Glory” as Francis Sr., as George Washington in “American Carol”, as Creighton in 2008 movie “Four Christmases”, as gets most attention in TV series, as reciprocal he claimed most of the TV miniseries and films applause and well respected by critics.