Kate Beckinsale English Actress
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She’s of most classic boy’s sensual dream girl with great physique. One of the finest and promising actresses of our time. Prominent of her angelic and luscious spark. Born as Kathrin Romary Beckinsale  on July 26th 1973 in London, England.

She started in 1993 as Hero in the movie “ Much Ado About Nothing Click to look into! >> Read More... Much Ado About Nothing .” Right away followed in the 1994 movie called “Uncovered” and “Prince of Jutland” as Ethel in the same year. She made successive roles in the early 1990’s and until in 1997 she played the character Georgie in the movie “Shooting Fish.” She played the character Charlotte in the movie “The Last Days of Disco” in 1998 and in the same year premiered “Alice through the Looking Glass.” She also starred in the movie “Brokedown Palace” in 1999 as Darlene Davis, and made a juggernaut-blockbuster hit “Pearl Harbor” in 2001. This is history-based film variegated with love triangle of in the pre-war and post-war of World War 2. She made it realistic that unfortunate destiny really does happen with John Cusack He is renowned actor, talented screenwriter and pr >> Read More... John Cusack in the movie “Serendipity” in 2001 as Sarah Thomas. She also team-up with , a notorious monstrous hunter in Transylvania to stop Dracula that will use the creature created by Dr. Frankenstein to bring his children to life in the movie “Van Helsing” in 2004.

She played the character of a vampire warrior entangled in the war between vampires and werewolves in their fight in existence as she falls in love with Michael as the soon to be “Lycans” in the movie “Underworld” in 2003. This was then followed in the 2006 movie “Underworld: Evolution” with . She starred also in the 2008 movie “ Nothing But The Truth Click to look into! >> Read More... Nothing But The Truth ”, alongside the movie “Fragments” in a story of group of friends met up after in shootout in Los Angeles diner, alongside Dakota Fanning The gorgeous 5 feet 4 inches 21 years old Hannah D >> Read More... Dakota Fanning , Forest Whitaker An Academy Award winning actor. Showcased a stunni >> Read More... Forest Whitaker and Guy Pearce Guy Pearce, also known as Guy Edward Pearce is an >> Read More... Guy Pearce . She made the third installment of her beloved “Underworld: Rise of the Lycans” in 2009 in a going back from the pre-historic feud of the aristocrat vampires and their Lycans slaves. She also starred in the movie “Whiteout” in 2009, followed in a remake of the movie “ Total Recall Click to look into! >> Read More... Total Recall ” in 2012 with Colin Farell. Finally as her last masterpiece “Underworld: Awakening” in 2012.