John Cleese English Actor
Other Skills

John Marwood Cleese is a man of multiple talents. He took birth in Somerset, England, in a family confined to his parents. His Reginald Francis Cleese was an insurance salesman. He studied at St. Peter’s Preparatory School and was a member of football and cricket club. Apart from cricket and boxing, he was also good at English studies. He returned to his prep school and did a teaching job for a while. Afterward, he joined Cambridge University and graduated from there in 1963 with good grades.

Cleese’s personal life went through some turbulence and his marriage to his first wife, Connie Booth. His second marriage to Barbara Trentham also ended in divorce. He is a father of two daughters, Cynthia and Camilla. He switched his base from the United Kingdom to Los Angeles but later returned. He took marriage vows four times and is now married to Jennifer Wade, who is a British jewellery designer.

He is an active participant in politics and holds strong political views. He switched his interests to political parties several times. His career started off as a scriptwriter and then he went on to do performances on and Off Broadway. He even worked as a writer for BBC radio. “I’m Sorry, I’ll Read That Again” gained him much popularity and success. He was successfully accepted as a comedy actor on British television.

He did four seasons of Flying Circus on BBC television. Monty Python, a surreal comedy group, created the show. His work as a writer in collaboration with Chapman on The Dead Parrot Sketch shows his admiration for black humor. Post-Python, he became rector of the University of St Andrews. Faulty Towers opened him to BAFTA Awards and recognitions from everywhere.

He worked by and large in various hit series such as Harry Porter and James Bond series. He played the character of R initially and was later promoted to agent Q in the latter. Cleese also has lent his voice to several animation and television works. He is a visiting lecturer at Cornell University. A Fish Called Wanda fetched him a nomination for Academy Awards. He was the writer as well as the lead in the movie.