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Other names of Jinpachi Nezu: Nezu Jinpachi, Jinpanchi Nezu
English Movie Actor Jinpachi Nezu
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Jinpachi, a famous Japanese actor, was born on 1st December 1947 in Japan (Tsure). His film Farewell to Land entered into the Berlin International Film Festival and earned him a good reputation. Some of his famous films include Kagemusher, Stateon, Farewell to the land, Angel’s Egg, Gonin, Ruby Fruit, Owls’ Castle, The Man in white, Gonin Saga and Runin Banished.

He is also known for Ran (1985) and Kagemusha (1980). Jinpanchi worked in many drama series like ShoroNagashi, Extra marital love, Honmanon and Days of youth. His album life is too short for bad films is very popular. He retired from acting after a car accident and muscle related disease.

During his career, he co-starred with Shima Iwashita, Kojiyakusho, TatsuyoNakadai, Takeshi Kitano Takeshi Kitano is a Japanese actor, comedian, scre >> Read More... , Peter Fonda Peter was born on 23rd February, 1940, as a son to >> Read More... , Takeshi Shiruma and MitsukoBoisho.


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