Frank Faylen was a film and television actor of America. He was born 8th December, 1905, in Missouri. He began his career as an actor since his childhood first acting with his parents on a showboat. He became a stage actor at age 18 and started working in the films since 1930. He played for Warner Brothers.  He appeared as a musical conductor in The Reluctant Dragon, and a railroad official in the ‘Laurel and Hardey’ comedy.

He made his breakthrough as an actor with his performance in ‘The Lost Weekend’, which released in 1945. He played the role of a taxi driver in ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ which was directed by ‘ Frank Capra Frank Rusell Capra, born on 18th May, 1897, was an >> Read More... ’. ‘The Many Loves of Dobie Gillies’ is a television serial, which earned him wide fame. During his career, he appeared in almost 200 films. He is a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Some of Frank’s films are The Case of the Stuttering Bishop, 'Good Morning, Judge', Address Unknown, Reno, Waterfront, Convicted, Fourteen Hours, It’s a Wonderful Life, Come Live With Me, Curtain Call, Away All Boats, Smart Blonde, Talent Scout, Road to Rio, Fluffy, Blood on the Moon, and Whispering Smith. His career lasted from 1936 to 1978.

Faylen married ‘Carol Hughes’, who was an actress. He has two daughters, Catherine, and Carol. Faylen died on August 2, 1985 due to pneumonia. He was cremated in the San Fernando Mission Cemetery, which is a renowned cemetery located in Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Francois Cluzet English Actor

Francois Cluzet

Francois Cluzet, born on 21st September 1955, is a French actor and theatre actor. He spent his childhood in Paris. His first stage debut was in 1976. He made his appearance on the big screen with ‘Diane Kurys’ in Cocktail Molotov. Cheval d’orgueil, a family drama in which he appeared, was a renowned drama. He reunited with director ‘Claude Chabrol’ for Les Fantomes du chapelier. In 1983, he was nominated for the Best Supporting role. His film Vive la sociale, earned him the award for the Best New Male. After a long gap, he joined hands with famous French directors of that time. He again paired with Diane Kurys for Coup de foudre. He reconciled with ‘Bertrand Tavernier’, ‘Tony Gatlif’, ‘Claire Denis’, ‘Bertrand Blier’, and ‘Robert Enrico’ with whom he had acted in Round Midnight, Rue du depart, Chocolat, and Trop belle pour toi, and La Revolution Francaise respectively. In 1994, he played the role of a tortured husband in L’Enfer. In 1998, he appeared in Une affaire de femmes. In 1994, Cluzet appeared in international cinema in the movies Pret-a-Porter, and French Kiss. He got nominated for Les Apperentis in 1995 under the Best Actor category. He played the role of a writer in movies like Fin aout, debut septembre, L’ Examen de minuit. Cluzet played the role of an animator in France Boutique released in 2004. His movie Le Domaine perdu, released in 2005, portrayed the coup d’etat in Chile. In 2006, he earned immense fame and popularity for his Quatre etoiles role depicting his love for Isabelle Carre. His role as a director in Tell No One earned him worldwide fame. In 2007, he received Cesar for Best Actor. His movie, The Intouchables, became one of the most widely selling non-English movies. Cluzet has four children; Paul, Blanche, Joseph, and Marguerite. Some of the awards he received are Cesar Award for the Best Supporting and Promising Actor, Prix Jean Gabin, Globes de Crystal, and E’toile d’Or.


Frank Sivero

Frank Sivero is a face most movie buffs will recognize as the Frankie Carbone from Goodfellas. Rumor has it that director Martin Scorsese was impressed with his performance in the Godfather II to the extent that he cast him immediately for this crucial role in this pathbreaking script. Born on Januray 6th in 1952, Sivero was born an Italian but soon brought to Brooklyn, New York. He also went on to play the great role of Genco Abbandando in the historical Mario Puzo and also appeared in the movie Wedding singer with the classic Adam Sandler. Turns out the character of Louie was loosely based on Frankie’s personality from the Godfather, for which Sivero also sued Fox Television Studios . He alleged that the writers of the series lived next door and may have observed and based this character on him, though the judge dismissed the claim saying it was merely a parody of several mob characters. His original name was Francesco LoGuidice and he began his career with the film Ring of Death (2008). He also does a cameo in the Godfather wherein he appears in a scene in which Sunny Corleone is seen to be brutally beating his brother-in-law, Sonny. Godfather movie buffs also believe that the character Scorsese wrote for him in the sequel was based a lot on Sivero’s original personality. Like several of the many Italian-American actors from the mega classic series, he also went on to be portrayed time and again as a mob mafia. It seems like he was stereotyped. He also appeared later in his career in the movie Ring of Death: a film about a tough and terribly aggressive cop that is frowned upon for his hardened methods against criminals and the accused. He was also seen in The Wedding Singer with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. which was more along the lines of a sweet rom-com. in which they meet each other at a wedding and hit it off really well, only for Adam to later discover that she is engaged to another man and he decides to sabotage the wedding and win her heart.

Frank Sivero English Actor