Jim Sarbh is an India Theater actor, and also a director. He was born on 27th August, 1987. He did one commercial film in the year 2016 called ' Neerja Click to look into! >> Read More... ' which was directed by Ram Madhvani Ram Madhvani is an Indian Director. He has worked >> Read More... and starring famous actress Sonam Kapoor Sonam Kapoor, Daughter of Anil Kapoor and model Su >> Read More... in the major role. He also received a title of Forbes India 30 under 30 in 2015.. Jim Sarbh is a Mumbaikar and born in a Parsi Family. His mother was a renowned physiotherapist, and his father was a master mariner, who later became a Regional Director of P&O of Ports South and Middle East Asia. He then moved to Australia along with his family when he was three, then later came back to Mumbai at the age of eight. He went to school at the American School of Bombay, after which he did his graduation from Emory University in Atlanta in Psychology.

After getting his degree, he started working with Alliance Theatre in Atlanta almost for a year as an intern. Also, he also got a chance to perform in Atlanta, in 'Tennis in Nablus, The Show!', 'The Breakup', and 'Ice Glen' in the year 2009 and also he won an award for Supporting role: Metropolitan Atlanta Theatre Award. In 2012, he came back to Bombay and was a part of many theaters plays like 'Limbo', 'Gates to India Song', 'Noises Off', 'Eat! and Bull', 'Ok Tata Bye Bye', 'Cock', 'Death of a Salesman', and 'The Glass Menagerie'. From 2015, Mr. Jim got a chance to feature in three motion pictures, and these were 'Neerja' by Ram Madhvani, '3 ½ Takes' by Daria Ghai, '' by Jyoti Patil. He also did many short films like 'Mama's Boys' and 'Like Summer Like Rain'.

Not only that Jim Sarbh performed on one of Vikram Kapadia's shows called T'he Merchant of Venice', originally written by William Shakespeare. He was also a part of Kalki Koechlin's 'The Living Room' and also 'What is Done is Done', and the director is . In 2016, he was featured in Ajeeb Ashiq, directed by Natasha Mendonca. It was his debut film, and it got featured at the International Film Festival Rotterdam on 2nd February 2016. Also in 2014, Mr. Jim was a part of a film called 'Shuruaat Ka Interval' , directed by Aarti S. Bagdi, Krishan Hooda Krishan Hooda is a very young and talented directo >> Read More... , Atanu Mukherjee Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , Ankit Tripathi, Palash Vaswani, Amrit Raj Gupta, Shishir Jha, and Rukshana Tabassum.

Nathaniel Buzolic English Actor

Nathaniel Buzolic

Nathaniel Buzolic, a famous Australian Actor, was a part of many films. His work was commendable, and also liked by the audience and critics. He was born on 4th August, 1982. His became popular after he hosted the late TV quiz, 'The Mint on Nine Network'. He was also a part of many Television Series; he was a part of BBC's 'Out of the Blue' in the year 2008. He later became a co-host of an educational show called 'Weather Ed' premiered on the Weather Channel. He also starred as Kol Mikaelson, on 'The Vampire Diaries' and 'The Originals' on CW. In the year 2001, he appeared in an episode of 'Water Rats', then he appeared on 'Home and Away' in the year 2002. Not only that, he was a part of kids shows called 'Studio Disney' in 2005 on Disney Channel. Afterward, he played a title role in 'Offing David' (comedy genre) in the year 2008 with another Australian actor named Adam J. Yeend. He also appeared in a short role in 2007 short film called 'My Greatest Day Ever' and 'Road Rage'. Then on 30th May 2014, good news came to the 'Vampire Diaries' fans that Mr. Buzolic will appear on the second season of 'The Originals'. He also appeared in the first trailer that came on at the San Diego Comic-Con in the year 2014. Then on February 20th, 2014, he was part of 'Supernatural: Bloodlines' a spin-off series of 'Supernatural' Television show on CW. He played a role on Season nine, episode twenty of the 'Supernatural' show as a backdoor pilot. Then in 2014, CW announced the pilot show. He also appeared on 'Pretty Little Liars' as Dean Stavros, an abuse counselor, and seen in the two episodes of season six. He was also a part of the motion pictures like 'Dirty Deeds' in 2005, 'Road Rage' in 2007, 'My Greatest Day Ever' in the year 2007, 'Multiple Choice' in 2009, 'Needle' in 2010, and latest in 'Hacksaw Ridge' in the year 2016, he played a role of Harold Doss. He is a popular TV personality and the audience are very fond of him.