Jesper Christensen English Actor

Jesper Christensen is a Danish actor. He was born in Copenhagen, Denmark. He has been a veteran European actor. He has now started to work in English movies. He has been working for films, television and theatre. Some of the English movies that he has acted in are "The Interpreter" and "Revelations".

He is known for his role as a villain in James Bond movies. The James Bond movies include "Casino Royale", "Quantum of Solace" and " Spectre Click to look into! >> Read More... Spectre " in the 2000’s. He essayed the character of Mr. White. He has been a part of North European television shows.

Some of the shows were Luder, Ellen's Sang, and Stroemer in the 1990’s. He did lead roles in theaters. Some of his theater performance were in plays like Gorki, Ostrovski, Schiller, Holberg, O'Neill, Chekov, Sartre, Feydeau, Sheridan, Nigel Williams, Mastrosimone, Fassbinder, Shakespeare, Moliere In this journey, he took home many best actor and best supporting actor awards for both films and theater.