Jack Reynor is an American Actor who is critically acclaimed for his role, Lenny Abrahamson in the movie What Richard Did in the year 2012. theReynor was born on 23rd January 1992 in Longmont, Colorado. His family moved to Valleymount, County Wicklow. He was raised in Valleymount. He attended a primary high school in the local village. His first acting performance was in the year 1999 when he played the role of an altar boy in a play directed by Kevin Liddy named Country. After his secondary education, he went to the Belvedere College where he performed in various theater plays.

His first acting performance was in the year 2010 when he was cast for the role of Robbie in Dollhouse. He started his acting career in the year 2000 with the movie Country in which he played the role of an Altar Boy. After that, he appeared in many television movies. He portrayed the character of Colin in the movie Three Wise Women and Tommy Riley in Chasing Leprechauns.

In the year 2012, Reynor portrayed the role of Richard Kelson in the movie What Richard Did. The movie was based on the fall of a high school rugby star whose career takes a big hit after his involvement in careless violence. The movie was a huge success and Reynor’s acting skills were appreciated not just by the viewers, but by the critics as well. For his excellent performance in the movie, Reynor even won the Irish Film Festival Academy Award for the Best Actor in the year 2013. After his success in the What Richard Did, Reynor appeared in many short films which include Stella and Car Film.

In 2013, Reynor was cast as an Irish race car driver named Shane in the fourth installment of the Transformers series, Transformers: Age of Extinction. Reynor was cast alongside Mark Wahlberg and Nicola Petz. In the same year, Reynor appeared in the movie Glassland in which he played the role of John.He even won the World Dramatic Special Jury Award at the Sundance Film Festival for his performance in the movie. Reynor portrayed the role of Malcolm Canmore in the movie Macbeth in 2015. Reynor is currently working on three movies namely Free Fire, The Secret Scripture, and Jungle Book.

Jack Plotnick English Actor

Jack Plotnick

Jack Plotnick, also known as Jack Stuart Plotnick is an American television actor, movie star, and a producer. Plotnick is known for his performance in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Girls Will Be Girls. He has also portrayed the role of Brett Partridge in The Mentalist. Plotnick was born on October 30, 1968, in Worthington, Ohio. He completed his high school education in the year 1987 from Worthington High School. After that, he went to Carnegie Mellon University to complete his graduation. After graduation, Plotnick started looking for work in the television industry. He got his big break from the television series Seinfeld. Plotnick played the role of a crew leader off crew named The Checks. His role was small, but he was recognized for his acting skills in the serial. After that, he didn’t look back. He was offered roles in many television series. He was offered a role in the famous television series named Supernatural. The show was a horror television series. Jack appeared in an episode of the fourth season namely It’s a Terrible Life. His career took a leap in1992 when he was offered to work in an American televisions series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The show was about the life of vampires. Plotnick portrayed the role of Deputy Mayor Allan Finch in the series. After that, he appeared in small roles in many television series. He appeared for a brief time in Action, Reno 911, Criminal Minds and much more. He played the role of Clark in Rude Awakening, Steve Morris in Lovespring International, Bradley Roberts in Shark and Matsor LaRue in True Jackson, VP. He also appeared on Disney Channel playing the role of Pocket Elf in the famous Disney television series, Wizards of Waverly Place. He gave a tremendous performance in the show Drawn Together, in which he played the role of Xandir P. Whifflebottom. He achieved success after his portrayal of the character Brett Partridge in the famous television series The Mentalist. Apart from television series, Plotnick also appeared in many movies. He first appeared on the big screen in the movie Gods and Monsters in which he played the role of Edmund Kay. Later he appeared to Sleeping Dogs Lie, Meet the Fockers, Adam and Steve, Chairman of the Board and much more. His most successful movie was Girls Will Be Girls in the year 2003. The movie was a comedy film directed by Richard Day. Plotnick played the role of Evie in the movie. Plotnick won the Best Actor Grand Jury Award in the year 2003 at the Outfest 2003 for his performance in the movie. Apart from being a television and a movie actor, Plotnick is also a writer and a director. Plotnick co-directed and wrote the feature film of Sony Pictures named Space Station 76. He also directed a Broadway musical named Disaster. Plotnick is also a co-producer of the television series Loverspring International. In 2012, Plotnick also performed in a monthly showcase of actors named Don’t Tell My Mother. Currently, Plotnick is playing the role of the Hal Connor in the televisions series House, MD.


Jackie Coogan

Veteran American actor John Leslie “Jackie” Coogan was born on 26th October1914, in Los Angeles, California, USA.Leslie worked with various directors and in different genres of movies.He married four times. His first wife was Betty Grable (1937-39), an American actress, model, dancer and singer of his times. He then got hitched to Flower Parry (1941-43), who was also an actress. Next he tied the knot with Ann McCormack (1946-51), a singer and his last wife was Dorothea Lamphere (1952-1984). The actor was the son of John Henry Coogan, Jr (who was an actor by profession) and Lillian Rita Coogan.As for his schooling, Coogan was home tutored till 10 years of his age. After that he went to Urban Military Academy for High School. For further studies, Coogan joined several colleges and went to Santa Clara University. He was dismissed from Santa Clara because of his poor performance. Coogan’s career started when he was just an infant. He was part of many films and plays as a kid. In 1917, he appeared in the movie, ‘Skinner’s Baby’. He was also casted by Charlie Chaplin for the movie ‘A Day’s Pleasure’ (1919). He worked with Charlie in another movie called ‘The Kid’ (1921). He was also part of a musical comedy named ‘College Swing’ (1938) and ‘Oliver Twist’.During and post the period of 1950s, Coogan was mostly seen on television rather than movies. He worked for a show named Cowboy G-Men, playing Stoney Crockett. He even worked for an NBC series from 1962-63, named ‘McKeever and the Colonel’. Coogan also guest-starred in many shows of this period, to name of a few- The Americans, The Brothers Brannagan: the damaged dolls, The Martha Raye Show, and others.His most-remembered performance was in a show by the ABC’s called ‘The Adam’s Family’ (1964 – 1966), where he played Uncle Fester.Jackie also did many shows for various productions, which have helped him reach the pinnacle of success. Some of his other memorable appearances are in the Perry Mason series- ‘The Case of the Witless Witness’, ‘The Brandy Bunch’, ‘I Dream of Jeannie’, ‘Family Affair’, ‘The Wild Wild West’ and others.Coogan retired from the showbiz in the mid-1960s.In the year 1984, he suffered from kidney disorders and heart problems, which eventually led to his death on 1 March 1984, in Santa Monica California.  

Jackie Coogan English Actor