John Leguizamo is a man of multiple talents. This Columbia-America based actor has featured in about 75 movies. Being a multi-talented person, his work range includes screenwriting and playwriting too. His skills do not limit to just to this, and he is a comedian as well. Apart from being on the stage, he also enjoys working on stage and has successfully turned to producer and voice artist. The wedding bells rang for Leguizamo on June 28, 2003, when Justine Maurer came into his life.

They together have a son named Ryder Lee and a daughter named Ryder Lee. He is a fan of baseball, and New York Mets is his favorite team. He enjoyed working with Arnold Schwarzenegger “I am back!” His career will always seem to come t >> Read More... in Collateral Damage. He was a part of Puerto Rican Day Parade. John’s career started with an act of stand-up comedian in 1984. Later he did television and ended up with a minor role in Miami Vice. His film career started with Super Mario Bros where he played the lead part of Luigi. Though the film did not do financially well, it helped him to grab some good roles in other movies.

He landed a lead role in The Pest where he played the character of Pestario ‘Pest’ Vargas. He starred as Captain Rat in the Executive Decision, which was an action movie. Besides acting, he also did a voice-over for the film Ice Age Click to look into! >> Read More... where he played the character of Sid the Sloth which became instantly popular with the audiences. He became part of various television shows such as Dora the Explorer, The Kill Pint, and The Electric Company.

He won many awards for his theatre work on Broadway and Off-Broadway. His debut performance in Broadway happened in Freak, which made him win Drama Desk Award. He also won Obie Award and Cable ACE Award around the year 1991. Abram ComicArts declared the adaptation of Leguizamo’s Ghetto Klown in October 2015, which was his one-man Broadway show. This graphic role explores the different elements of his career as an actor and a comedian.

John Krasinski English Actor

John Krasinski

John Burke Krasinski is a man of multiple talents. He took birth in Newton, Massachusetts in a family confined to his parents Mary Clare and Ronald Krasinski. He grew up in a cross culture family with his mother being Irish-American and father being Polish American. The passion for acting drove him to the theatre early and he began acting in plays during his school days. He completed his education Newton South High School in the year 1997 and went on to pursue higher education from Brown University and studied arts. Later, he went to National Theatre Institute. He wedded Emily Blunt in July 2010 and had a daughter together named Hazel. After passing out from Brown University, he headed on to New York City to pursue his dreams of acting. There, he acted in several television shows as well as commercials. He even worked as a waiter and read some Off-Broadway plays. His work did not limit to on-camera, and so he went off camera to the director of The Office and The Boat. He paved his way back to acting in the year 2007 and portrayed the character of Gideon in A New Wave. He worked with various famous stars such as Robin Williams and George Clooney for License to Wed and Letterheads respectively. He did a rom-com movie called It’s Complicated in the year 2009. Krasinski turned to a writer and the director for Brief Interview with Hideous Man, which featured in Sundance Film Festival. He appeared in various television series and films after that. He did a movie called Something Borrowed along with Ethan. Next, he wrote and starred along with Matt Damon in Promised Land. He switched to narration genre and gave narration for various series and shows including the Discovery Channel and the Apple TV. People also saw his narration in the Blackberry Storm and My Coke Rewards.


John Michael Higgins

John Michael pursued acting and worked as a voice-over artist. He provided his voice for the sitcom Happily Divorced. His other notable works include The Late Shift and Kath & Kim. He turned to a voice artist and gave his voice to the character of Iknik Blackstone in The Legend of Korra. Since 1991, Michael was a part of Broadway and did a play called La Bete. He went on to theatre did a play called Tiny Alice in Off-Broadway. Along with theatre, he also managed to do television shows. His character in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show was of Ar’nox that featured for about three episodes. Other notable TV performances he delivered were in Arrested Development where he played the character of Wayne Jarvis for five episodes. He turned to a vocal artist for A Mighty Wind, which was a step forward in showcasing his music talent. He provided his voice for movies such as Batman: The Brave and The Bold. He portrayed the character of David Letterman in The Late Shift, which was an HBO TV film. Michael keeps switching his work field between television and theatre. He even directed the plays and viewers watched him as Secretary of Defense in Stuff Happens in the year 2004. David Hare was the director, and he played the role of Donald Rumsfeld. Previously in 2003, he did some work in Lincoln Center Theatre and grabbed a major role in Big Bill whose direction in charge was A.R. Gurney. People got to see him in some television ads as well for DirectTV and Old Navy. He performed distinct roles throughout his life ranging from being a gay judge in Raising the Bar in the second season of TNT to playing the character of rich and obnoxious, Mr. Tipton in Suit Life on Deck. He also worked as the voice- over artist in The Legend of Korra, which was an animated television series.

John Michael Higgins English Actor