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Henry Hopper was born in 1990 on the 11th of September to father, Dennis Hopper Dennis Hopper was an American filmmaker, actor, ar >> Read More... Dennis Hopper , a Director and an Actor and, Katherine NaLasa, an Actress. Henry’s birth name is Henry Lee Hopper and he was born in Los Angeles in California. Katherine NaLasa, Henry’s mother was in fact the fourth wife of Late Dennis Hopper. Through his father, Henry has three step-sisters named Marin Hopper, with wife Brooke Hayward, Ruthanna Hopper, with wife DariaHalprin, and Galen Grier Hopper, with wife Victoria Duffy. Galen Hopper is the youngest step sister of Henry, born in 2003 with his last wife Victoria Duffy. His mother divorced his father in 1992 and went on to marry French Steward, a comic actor on 19th of May in 1998. His mother divorced French Steward in 2009, and they did not have any children.

Katherine recently married Grant Show, another actor in July of 2012. This marriage resulted in another half-sister for Henry named Eloise McCue, who was born in 2014 on 21st of March. He is also an Uncle to his two married step sister’s Marin and Ruthana’s daughters named Violet Goldstone and Ella Brill respectively. Henry Hopper continued the legacy of his parents and went on to become an actor. He starred as a child actor in 1996 film “Kiss & Tell”, when he was only Seven years old. The film had stars like Peter Greene Peter Greene was born on the 8th of October 1965 a >> Read More... Peter Greene , Lewis Arquette, Richmond Arquette, and Jill Hennessy. Henry played three small but different characters in this movie. At the age of fourteen years, Henry joined Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute to attend acting classes on weekends. He later went to California Institute of Arts to study sculpture and paintings. At age eighteen, he dropped out of the Institute of Arts and went to live in the Artist’s collective in Berlin, Germany.

Currently, he has taken residence in the Venice state of California. Henry re-entered the film industry in 2011 when he was cast as a lead by Gus Van Sant Gus Green Van Sant Jr., best known as Gus Van Sant >> Read More... Gus Van Sant in the movie “ Restless Click to look into! >> Read More... Restless ”. Restless was of the Romantic Comedy Genre and was written by Jason Lew. Shot in the locations of Oregon, Portland, United States, the film also stars Mia Wasikowska Mia Wasikowska is an actress of Australian-Polish >> Read More... Mia Wasikowska and Ryo Kase opposite Henry’s character. The screening of this film took place at the Cannes Film Festival of 2011 where the film was introduced under the Uncertain Regard section. It got its release in September of 2011 in the United States. Henry went on to do some more film some of which were short movies like Rebel in 2011, Kurt in 2012, Plant Hunter in 2013, etc. His last film was “ Yosemite Click to look into! >> Read More... Yosemite ” in 2015, where he played the role of Henry. In 2011, when he was 20 years of age, a girl accused him of sexual assault under the influence of alcohol and drugs, in the name of Casting Couch and sued him for millions of dollars.

It is told to the media that they both met after chatting online for a few months on a social media site. It is also said that Henry promised to use his connection and his father’s fame to get the girl selected in some project. The case is still open and has not gone to trial, and the girl’s lawyer said it was due to Henry’s deeds that have resulted in metal health issues for his client that continue till