Birthday: 17-05-1936
Date of death: 29-05-2010
Star sign: Gemini

Dennis Hopper was an American filmmaker, actor, artist, and photographer, known for his roles in Apocalypse Now, Rumble Fish, and “The Osterman Weekend,” Hoosiers, and Blue Velvet. Hopper is also known for starring in, and directing in the 1969 film “Easy Rider.” Born to parents, James Hopper, and Marjorie May, Dennis grew up in Kansas City where he pursued his education at the Kansas City Art Institute. On relocating to California, Hopper attended the Helix High School where he was an active member of the school’s drama group, and the choir. Hopper also studied drama at the Actors Studio in New York, where Lee Strasberg was his classmate. Hopper has also acknowledged that he is an admirer of Shakespeare’s works. Hopper started his movie career in 1955 with the James Dean starrer “Rebel without a Cause,” followed by “Giant.” In the following year, Hopper featured in Henry Hathaway’s “From Hell to Texas.” In 1961, Hopper played the protagonist in Curtis Harrington’s “Night Tide.” In 1965, John Wayne cast Hopper in “The Sons of Katie Elder” followed by “True Grit” in 1969.Hopper has publicly confessed that John Wayne had resurrected Hopper’s career. In 1967, Hopper featured briefly in the Paul Newman starrer, “Cool Hand Luke.” The following year also saw Hopper collaborate with the legendary Jack Nicholson, Peter Fonda and Terry Southern on the script of “Easy Rider.” The film pocketed an award at the Cannes Film Festival and also received an Academy Award Nomination. In 1971, Hopper wrote, directed and featured in the movie “The Last Movie.” Later on, Hopper pocketed roles in Mad Dog Morgan, Tracks, The American Friend, and Coppola’s “Apocalypse Now.” 1980 saw Hopper direct “Out of the Blue.” The following years saw Hopper in movies such as Rumble Fish, “The Osterman Weekend,” Blue Velvet, and Hoosiers.

The year 1988 saw Hopper nominated for an Emmy Award for his direction in “ Colors,” which was well received by the audience, and was subject of critical acclamation. Hopper has also featured in True Romance, Speed, “Search and Destroy,” “Waterworld,” An American Carol, and Elegy. Hopper started his television career in 1955 with a brief role in the NBC-produced “Medical.” Later on, Hopper has also featured in other television series such as Cheyenne, “Gunsmoke,” Petticoat Junction, Bonanza, The Legend of Jesse James, The Time Tunnel, and Entourage, among many others. Hopper was also the villain in Fox Television Network’s, “24.” Hopper is also ostentatiously known for his photography, paintings, and sculpting. The 1960s saw him as a regular artist on Vogue magazine’s celebrity portfolios. Hopper has also been an avid art collector. The Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington often showcases Hopper’s works and his collections. Tom Folson has written a biography on Hopper’s life titled, “Hopper: A Journey into the American Dream.” Hopper has been previously married to Brooke Hayward, Michelle Philips, Daria Halprin, Katherine LaNasa, and Victoria Duffy. On March 26th, 2010, Hopper was presented with a Hollywood Walk of Fame. On the 29th of May 2010, Hopper passed away as the result of a prolonging illness.

John Corbett English Actor

John Corbett

John Corbett is an American country music singer and actor known for his roles in movies such as Sex and the City, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and in television series such as the CBS-produced “Northern Exposure.” Sex and the City 2, United States of Tara, and the NBC-produced “Parenthood,” also featured Corbett. Corbett has also recorded a couple of music albums of the genre “Country Music.” Corbett was born to parents, John and Sandy Corbett, in West Virginia, where he pursued his education at the Wheeling Central Catholic High School. Corbett showed a keen interest in learning to play the guitar right from the age of seven. Corbett served as a bouncer at the Capitol Music Hall in Wheeling, followed by a working in a steel factory in California. During his stay in Virginia, Corbett also pursued further education at the Cerritos College. Corbett undertook acting classes at the college and also studied hair styling and dressing in his leisure time, which resulted in him obtaining a license in 1986. Later on, Corbett pocketed a role in a Samsung commercial and following which he has featured in nearly 50 commercials. Corbett started his television career in 1989 with an appearance in an episode of “The Wonder Years.” In the following year, Corbett was cast as “Chris Stevens” in the CBS-produced television series, “Northern Exposure.” Corbett featured in a staggering 110 episodes, and was nominated for a Golden Globe Award, a Primetime Emmy Award, and a Screen Actors Guild Award. The 90s decade also saw Corbett in Days of Our Lives, The Visitor and “The Warlord: The Battle for the Galaxy.” 2000 featured Corbett as Aidan Shaw in the HBO-produced “Sex and the City.” Corbett was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for his role in the series. In the year 2003, Corbett played the role of Max Gregson in the “United States of Tara.” Corbett has also featured in other television series such as Lucky, Parenthood, and NCIS: Los Angeles. Corbett’s movie career began in 1991, where he featured alongside William Dafoe, Brad Johnson, and Danny Glover in “Flight of the Intruder.” The decade of the 90s saw Corbett in Tombstone, Don’t Look Back, Wedding Bell Blues, Volcano, and “Desperate but Not Serious.” Corbett was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award for his role in the 2002 movie “The Big Fat Greek Wedding.” Corbett has also featured in Serendipity, “My Dinner with Jimi,” Raise Your Voice, Elvis Has Left the Building, Raising Helen, Bigger than the Sky, Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon, Dreamland, Montana Sky, Street Kings, and The Burning Plain, among many others. Corbett has also been cast in movies such as Sex and the City 2, November Christmas, Kiss me, The Lookalike, and The Boy Next Door. Besides his films, Corbett has recorded and released two country music albums. Corbett has been dating the actress, Bo Derek since 2002.


Alex Wolff

Alex Wolff is an American singer, songwriter, guitarist, drummer, and actor. He is best known for the performance in The Naked Brothers Band, which was a Nickelodeon musical comedy series produced by Polly Draper, who is his mother. He also acted in the serial In Treatment in 2010 which was a television medical drama. He is well recognized for his two songs and I Don't Want to Go to School and The Naked Brothers Band in collaboration with his older brother Nat Wolff. His father Michael Wolff had been the producer of the two songs. His brother and he have worked together and released an album Black Sheep in the year 2011. Their duo together is called Nat & Alex Wolff. He was born in New York. He belongs to a family of famous personalities who have worked in the field of politics, music and entertainment. His parents are Michael Wolff, who is a famous jazz pianist and Polly Draper, who is a writer and actress. He has a younger brother named Nat Wolff, who is also a musician and actor. His grandfather was William Henry Draper III, who was a civic leader and venture capitalist. His great grandfather was William Henry Draper, Jr., who was a diplomat and banker. Jesse Draper is his cousin sister. He started his career in 2005 with The Naked Brothers Band: The Movie, which was produced by Polly Draper who is his mother. He was aged eight when he did the role in the series. The movie was later customized into a television musical comedy series The Naked Brothers Band aired on Nickelodeon. The series was started in 2007 and ended in 2009. Alex contributed as in vocals, instrumentation and lyrics for the movie and the series. The movie was produced by his father, Michael Wolff. The song "Crazy Car" from the show was a hit and ranked in the 23 position of Top 200 Billboard Charts. He has been a part of the music video "The Take Over, The Breaks Over" by Fall Out Boy. He played the role of a young boy. He played a small role in the Nickelodeon TV movie Mr. Troop Mom in 2009. In the same year, he played the USA police-bureaucratic in the television comedic drama Monk. He was a part of a playwright at The Flea Theater named What Would Woody Do? The play was directed by his mother. He also acted in the serial In Treatment in 2010 which was a television medical drama. In 2012, he acted in Hair Brained and appeared in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. In 2005, he won the Audience Award in the category of Family Feature Film at the Hamptons International Film Festival. In 2007, he received the Broadcast Music, Inc. Cable Award for his work in the television series and film The Naked Brothers Band. He won the nomination for the Young Artist Award in 2008 and 2009. He has received the Outstanding Achievement for Best Actor for his role in the movie Hair Brained at the Brooklyn International Film Festival in 2013.

Alex Wolff English Actor