Gary Shandling was born into a Jewish family on November 29th, 1949. He was born in Chicago, Illinois, USA to Irving and Muriel. He is a comedian, actor, producer, and a director. He had a very hard life growing up. At a very young age, he moved from Chicago to Tucson, Arizona to treat his ill elder brother named Barry. Barry had a disease called cystic fibrosis. At the age of 10, Garry witnessed the death of his only elder brother.

He did his graduation from Palo Verde High School. After he became a graduate, he got into the University of Arizona, where he did his major in Electrical Engineering. Along with this, he was pursuing his degree in marketing and also post-graduation in creative writing. He had developed an intense passion towards comedy writing. As he was pursuing his education, he once tracked down a famous comedian named George Carlin at a nightclub. Gary offered the material that he wrote to George Carlin, to use in his act. As George had a great gig that night, he realized that Gary Shandling's work was really marvellous and asked him to keep up the good task. This acted as a great motivation and inspiration for Shandling.

He went on to perform great stand-up comedy. In one of his interviews, he said that one of the reasons he became a stand-up comedian is because he was frustrated at sitcom's conventional writing. His first stand-up comedy was performed at the "Comedy Store" in LA. He gained popularity among the comedy clubs because of his amazing gigs. One of his acts was so brilliant that he was later invited as a guest in "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" which was a life altering moment for Shandling.

He then moved to Los Angeles, California in 1973 where he worked in an advertising agency. Later, he came up with a script for a popular TV show called "Sanford and Son" which aired on Showtime and Fox till 1990. After this, he met with an auto accident, which proved to be very critical. But later on, he turned the accident into a piece of his stand-up comedy. In 1981, he began to gain fame after he had appeared as a guest on "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson".

After that, he had a show of his own, "Garry Shandling's Show", which aired till 1990. In 1992, he got the biggest break of his career, his very own, reputed and the most award-winning show called "The Larry Sanders Show" which was aired on HBO. This show mostly included comical jokes about himself, his big hair and gigs based on his previous experiences with "The Tonight Show". This show was ranked 38 on "TV Guide's 50 Greatest Shows of All Time". It was the only comedy sitcom from HBO to make it to that list. This show got 24 awards which include 3 "Primetime Emmy Awards", 5 "CableACE awards, 4 "American Comedy" awards, 2 "British Comedy" awards and the list goes so on. Till date, he performs stand-up comedy in various cities in the USA.

Fred Willard English Actor

Fred Willard

The famous American actor, writer, voice actor and comedian, Fred Willard was born on 18th September 1939. He is best known for his humor. He is best known for the role in the Rob Reiner mockumentary; This is Spinal Tap. Willard was born and raised in Ohio. Willard’s father was also named Fred Willard. He worked in a bank. Willard graduated from Kentucky Military Institute and Virginia Military Institute and thus Fred is a former US Military soldier. In 1962, after completing his army tour, Willard, and his friend, Vic Greco formed a funny act that led them to appear on The Ed Sullivan Show. Willard portrayed the role of nightclub manager in The Second City. He also appeared in the Off-Broadways. He appeared in Little Murders directed by Alan Arkin and produced by Jules Feiffer. After working in some Off-Broadways, he debuted in the movie Teenage Mother in the year 1967. Willard was criticized for his role in the movie, especially by the viewers. In 1997, Willard played the role of Martin Mull’s sidekick. The movie brought him real success and fame. After that, he appeared in many successful Television comic series, namely Fernwood 2-Night and America 2-Night. He played the role of Tom Osbourne in the short film, Ray's Male Heterosexual Dance Hall. He also guest-voiced a character in the famous Cartoon series, The Simpsons. He also guest-voiced in the movie Transformers and a Playstation Portable game, Hot Brain. In 2001, he did May be It’s Me, a comedy series where he played the father of five children. Willard’s acting skills can be seen in the movie, A Mighty Wind, which is a Christopher Guest movie, where he played the role of Mike LaFontaine. He played the role of Frank Dunphy in Modern Family. He was even nominated for the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Guest Actor in a comedy series. At the Burbank International Film Festival, Willard was honored as the Pioneer in Comedy. Willard last appeared in the movie The Birthday Boys. Willard is also known for his Charitable work. He contributes to a various non-profit organization like Big Brothers/ Big Sisters. Willard even received a commendation for his charity work from the Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.


Gary Cole

Gary Cole aka Gary Michael Cole was born on September 20, 1956, in Park Ridge, Illinois, USA and was brought up in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. He’s married to TeddiSiddall. Cole has a daughter, Mary, who's following her father's footsteps and is right now pursuing her career in acting. He's an astonishing actor and a brilliant voice artist. He appeared in various television series. He was quite impressive in TV shows like American Gothic, Crusade, and Midnight Caller. He’s popularly known for his performances in Pineapple Express and Office Space. The inception of his career as an actor started at Steppenwolf Theatre Company, where he got his very first role in which he portrays a Military Captain, Jeffery MacDonald in a TV series called "Fatal Vision" which was aired in 1984. And as a voice artist, he voiced many of the popular animated shows like Family Guy, Kim possible, Batman: Under The Red Hood, and Harvey Birdman, Attorney at law. Cole voiced the part of Principal Shepherd, who is a high school principal, and in Batman: Under The Red Wood, he voiced the character of Processor James Gordon. He voiced the character of Dr. James Timothy Possible, who is a dedicated rocket scientist and is the father of Kim Possible herself. He appeared as a guest actor in many of the famous TV shows like Suits, Desperate Housewives, and Chuck. In 1991, he starred in “Office Space”, where he plays the role of a callous yet sarcastic office supervisor named Bill Lumbergh. Cole is personally very attached to this character as it has got him a lot of reputation in the industry. Many didn’t expect the movie “Office Space” to be a hit in the box office. But when it was released, the character of Bill William Lumbergh, which was enacted by Cole was one of the main reason for the success of the movie. His character in the movie Office Space got so much fame, which the mighty internet decided to make a meme out of it.

Gary Cole English Actor