Francesco Tribuzio English Actor
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Actor, Francesco Tribuzio was born on 4 August 1915 in Foggia, Italy. His Sun Sign is Leo. He was born to his parents Antonio Battista and Nicola Tribuzio. This Italian personality is a package of talent. Tribuzio is also a fabulous dancer and a model. He has a basic certification in stage combat from Sydney Stage Combat School. He also pursued his diploma in Performance Practice and screen acting from Actors College of Theatre and Television. His spoken languages are English, Italian, and Spanish whereas; accent includes English, Italian, American- New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York , Australian, French, German and Spanish. He also has an Apulian accent which is his native accent. Francesco is a 5ft 9" tall and charming persona having beautiful brown eyes. His co-actors and friends always love working with him because of his grounded and kind nature. Mr. Tribuzio is a qualified Physiotherapist.

His skills and hobbies are Mountain biking, Judo, Table tennis, volleyball, dancing, modeling, and weight training. This proves that he is absolutely a versatile and talented person. After joining the profession of acting, he resided in United Kingdom, London. Francesco started his career with small roles in short films and commercials such as City Lit (short film), and Vodafone First Firecracker Film (commercial). He also worked as a theater artist, voice artist and gave stage performances early in his career. Francesco as an actor, is popularly known for his films, As God Commands (2008), Fan (2016), and Toymaker (2017). He calls himself bright, young, energetic, and charming. He is also a music lover; he owns and can operate a professional recording studio.

His voice-over can be heard in Figment TV's 'Sea Life Park' and in 'The Holy War'. He has a husky and authoritative voice which is mostly used for energetic and arrogant roles and characters. He was a stage performer for plays such as Two Noble Kinsmen, Angels of America, The Bear, and Moonbeam Kisses. He was also an educational teacher once for a short period of time. Mr. Tribuzio's television career is too short to be listed. One of them is a featured role in Dinosaurs Britain on Maverick TV. He had a long theater journey with almost 15-20 major performances. He played the lead character in few of them. His passion for his work was never less; though it is theater, commercial ad or a blockbuster movie. This charming actor is everyone's favorite and attracts fans with his acting skills and fabulous looks.