Birthday: 18-01-1969
Age: 50
Star sign: Aquarius

The hardships in your life mold you to become the greatest. The bitter experiences you face increases the zeal to achieve something great. Apart from the mundane day to day situations, one has to work hard to grow more. All these aspects make a man to be best-known as The Animal. He is Dave Bautista.

David Michael Bautista Jr. famously known to the wrestling arena and the screen as Dave Bautista, was born on January 18, 1969, in Washington DC, USA. Donna Raye and David Michael Bautista were his parents. Because of some clashes within the family, they separated, and soon they divorced. Dave Bautista led a very miserable childhood. He had the experiences of leading a life in extreme poverty. He even theft automobiles when he was thirteen years old. He worked as a bouncer and lifeguard. At a point in his teens, he decided to become a wrestler to avoid all the dangers around him. Eventually, he took steps to achieve the desired goal.

After miserable comments by Lee Parker that Dave Bautista can't make it into wrestling, he tried his hand at different platforms. He got training from Afa Anoai and Marrese Crump. Then, he created the base for his career. As Leviathan, he got into the ring at Ohio Valley Wrestling in 2000, and soon, he won the OVW Heavyweight Championship. In 2002, he appeared for the program ‘SmackDown’, as Deacon Batista. He tasted some failures for a few months and after joining with ‘Raw’, he changed his name to Dave Bautista. Then, he along with Randy Orton, Ric Flair, and Triple H, teamed up to form ‘Evolution’. He had some wins and some losses in his career from then, and he attracted many teams.

As a wrestler, he won the World Heavyweight Championship for four times, and WWE Championship twice. To his credit, he also won the World Tag Team Championships, thrice, and the WWE Tag Team Championship, once. He also won the Royal Rumble Match in 2005. After the reentry, he won the Royal Rumble Match in 2014.

Apart from the wrestling career, he also has a successful film to add to that. He appeared in the villainous character of Brass Body in the 2012 blockbuster, The Man With The Iron Fist. Later, he played the role of Drax, the Destroyer, in the 2014 film, Guardians of Galaxy, directed by James Gunn. Some of his movies include ‘ Spectre’, LA Slasher, etc.

Dave Bautista married Glenda, and they have two daughters. Then, he tied the knot to Angie and dancer Sarah Jade in 2006 and 2015, respectively. Dave Bautista also released his autobiography, Batista Unleashed, in 2007. He also had some allegations regarding the use of steroids.

Daryl Sabara English Actor

Daryl Sabara

The German and Russian Jewish descent, Daryl Christopher Sabara, popularly known as Daryl Sabara, who is an actor, a famous voice actor, as well as a popular comedian, was born on the 14th of June, in the year 1992. He has a twin brother, Evan Sabara, an actor, who is younger to him by one minute. Both Evan and Daryl were raised by their mother, Sandra Sabara, well known as Sandy Krebs. She is a social worker in Los Angeles. Daryl was born in the city of Torrance in California. He did his schooling from West High School, Torrance. Apart from acting, Daryl has been studying ballet right from when he was three years old, and has been an active member of the South Bay Ballet. He also enjoys doing Tae Kwon do, as well as playing video games. Daryl is known to have had relationships with Chloe Bridges, Courtney Jines, and Emily Osment. Currently, he is single. Daryl started his line of work as a child artist in the year 1992, by appearing in the TV serial, Murphy Brown, as Baby Brown. Later on, in 1996, he played the role of Toby in ‘Life’s Work’, and as Roger and Corey in the series, ‘Love and Money’ and ‘Roswell’, respectively, both in the year 1999. Subsequently, he was noticed by appearing in the well-known family film series, ‘Spy Kids’, in the early 2000’s. Daryl has also lent his voice for some of the best-animated feature films like ‘Finding Nemo’, and ‘The Polar Express’. Sabara acted out the character of T. J. Taylor quite well in the TV comedy serial, ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’, created by Todd J. Greenwald, which was telecasted in the year 2007- 2009. From the year 2010 to 2013, Daryl was selected as the main voice cast for the TV animation series that was aired on Cartoon Network, ‘Generator Rex’. He lent his voice to the main character, Rex Salazar. Daryl not only gives his voice in animated cartoons, but also dubs for video games. His voice is heard in games like ‘Cartoon Network Universe: Fusion Fall’, as well as ‘Saints Row: The Third’. Sabara has recently done the role of Lars in the horror movie, ‘The Green Inferno’, directed by Eli Roth. This film was released on 25th of September, in the year 2015.


Dan Heder

Some people are lucky enough to work on some projects, which turn out to be blockbusters. They contribute to the film, and they get more credit, because of their creativity and all the aspects that add glitter to the cinema. An example is Dan Heder. Dan Heder was born on 26 October, 1977, in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. His parents were Helen and Dr. James Heder, who is a physician. He had a brother named Jon Heder. Jon Heder is also a famous actor, who is known as Napoleon Dynamite, because of his continuous role. Both of the brothers made an attracting pair at many events and film festivals. In some interviews, they said that they used to play with people who don't know that they are twins by confusing them. Even they had a smooth going relationship between them. Jon Heder and Dan Heder went to Brigham Young University. Later, Joe Header took acting as his career and went on it seriously. Dan Heder gave his choice to the entertainment industry. Both of them are very successful, and most of the times, the industry coins them as the most successful and closely related brothers. Though Joe and Dan Header are in different areas of interest in Hollywood, they got the recognition in their respective areas of work for the movies. Dan Heder entered the entertainment industry, but he gained much response in different aspects of film production. He worked as an animator in the animation department of the 2006 movie, Monster House. This flick is an animated children's horror thriller produced by one of the famous producers, Steven Spielberg. Dan Harmon and Rob Schrab gave the story, and Gil Kenan directed the cinema. Because of its animated genre, Dan Heder gave his best shot providing with the maximum animation technology present then. Monster House got nominations for four different awards and one Oscar Award. Dan Heder even worked for the 2013 adventurous action film, 47 Ronin, directed by Carl Rinsch. Though it got a negative response on an average basis, one has to be thankful and encouraging the pain that he took in creating the artwork and animations. Dan Heder extended his hand to work for the 2014 film, Edge of Tomorrow. Doug Liman directed the flick. The director based the plotline on the book, All You Need Is Kill. The tagline, “Live. Die. Repeat.” is very adaptable for the film. This science-fiction movie starred Tom Cruise, and Bill Panton, to name a few, who received accolades throughout their journey in the cinematic field. However, Jon Heder and Dan Heder, being twins, attract the people and the press wherever they go and whenever they attend the events.

Dan Heder English Actor