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Film The Game That You Play

Sports have been an integral part of the film and television industry directly or indirectly. Apart from the sports that have an entertainment factor attached to it like the Indian Premier League, films and television have associated themselves to sports. The first way of the movie-sports connection is fact that there are several biopics that are based on the lives of the sports persons. Through films, the world is getting to know about many sports legends, from all backgrounds, and youngsters are learning about the sports persons who were off the limelight and also the sport that they are associated with.

Films are a way to honour the lives and achievements of the prominent sportsmen and women. Apart from this, even the films that are not directly based on sports, often require strenuous sports schedule for the actors. There are films which are generic and are based on sports which bring out the spirit of the game which was otherwise non-existent. The other way of associating with sports is working hard behind the camera. There are times when the actors and actresses of the film need to learn several sports and go through strenuous sports routine which is physically draining and challenging.

Apart from maintaining a healthy diet and the regular gymming or other forms of exercises like yoga and dance, actors go through sports sessions like cycling, swimming, running, tennis, basketball and many other to gain ultimate physical fitness. There are retired sports persons who train and coach the actors and actresses to keep a check on their fitness and monitor their health and hygiene.