Daniel Louis Castellaneta Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Daniel Louis Castellaneta was born on October 29, 1957, in Chicago, Illinois. He is a voice actor, comedian, and screenwriter. His voice is prominent as 'Homer Simpson' from the animated television series ' The Simpsons The Simpsons is a funny, highly popular American s >> Read More... The Simpsons .' He started gaining knowledge about acting since his childhood. He debuted in the entertainment line with 'Tracey Ullman Show' in 1987. In the start, his voice did not make what was required but later his voice progressed as a vigorous voice. Castellaneta won outstanding voice- over performer award in 'Emy Awards'. Along with the voice actor, he is also a writer.

He wrote few episodes of ' Simpsons' with his wife. He also played many roles in T.V. shows like 'Hey Arnold!', on Nickelodeon and 'Darkwing Duck'. He also made a comedy video CD ' I am not Homer' and cast himself. He was also seen in episodes of ALF, the famous series of Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Mad About You, Desperate Housewives, and much more. On 31st December 2015, Castellaneta hosted the finale of NYC comedy show 'Trills and Spills'. The final was clutched in Alabama. Daniel got married to Deb Lacusta in 1987. He met her during his university days. They together write comedy scripts like episodes of "Gump Roast, "The Ziff Who Came to Dinner, "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bangalore", and "The Fight Before Christmas."

The couple got nominated for their brilliant work in 2007, for 'Writers Guild of America Award.'