Born on February 1, 1957, Calvin Cylk Cozart is a popular television artist and a renowned American actor who has appeared in 30 movies and 20 television shows in his long, illustrious career. Before making his debut in acting, he was a professional model in Flordia. In his young days, he was also a good basketball and football players. The actor had taken part in many sports activities in college level and even aimed to become a professional basketball player, but he suffered a serious injury and then aimed to become a model. Due to his talent in the sports field, he participated in some league matches held in Los Angeles. He made his debut in acting in the year 1983 when he got a first break to act in an American comedy film ‘Blue Skies Again’ which was directed by Richard Micha. The actor has given to Hollywood multi-billion successful movies like 'Conspiracy Theory‘ (1997) which starred Julia Roberts, Mel Gibson and Cylk Cozart and ‘Three to Tango’ (1999) which had Hollywood stars like Matthew Perry, Neve Campbell, Dylan McDermott along with Cozart. The actor also acted in Disney Channel movie ‘Johnny Tsunami’ (1999).

In 1992, he papered in a sports comedy movie 'White Men Can't Jump' where he showed the skill of basketball playing skill and needed no rehearsal in acting. His another sports movie included 'Slam Dunk Ernest' (1995) where he played the role of basketball player again. In 2006, he appeared in Warner Bros. production movie’ '16 Blocks' which was the biggest grossing film of the year. The actor also appeared in some prominent TV shows for Fox, ABC and NBC channel. Cylk Cozart's most popular TV shows were ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' (1993) and 'Diagnosis Murder' (1993). Cozart was also a co-producer of a movie ‘Baby Of The Family’ (2002). Currently, he takes more interests in developing sports skills amongst American citizens. He has been active in acting career for over three decades.

Curtis James Jackson English Actor

Curtis James Jackson

Curtis Jackson is also popular with his nickname 50 Cent (stage name) and is a renowned hip-hop artist in the West. He is known for doing streetwise raps and hip-hop dance. The dancer has another stage name too as Curts James Jackson III, and he was brought up in tough conditions since his childhood. He stayed for long at Jamaica where his mother was killed when she was engaged as a drug dealer in Jamaica. Curtis was born on July 6. 1976 in New York. Before his endeavor to perform raps, he even had a dream to become a boxer. But his condition was not that brilliant, and he took to drug selling profession like his mother and after his mother’s death, his grandparents looked after him. He then made his first contact with Jam Master Jay who found Curtis rapping ability as mind blowing and he produced an album for the artist 50 Cent. This rapper artist met with a severe gunshot incident but after he had recovered he took an interest in rapping and appeared in low-budget music recordings. He and his associates like Tony Yayo and Uoy Banks assisted Curtis in bringing out rap albums. Their effort went noticed by hip-hop stars Dr. Dre, who signed Curtis for some records. His debut release was ‘Get Rich or Die Trying which was produced by Dr. Dre and Dre’s another colleague Eminem. His first album made record breaking sales in the market that had 9 million audiences. Eminem and Dre made 50 Cent to sing many solos and single numbers. Some of his single soundtracks were ‘Wanksta’ and ‘In Da Club’, that swayed the minds of people and had some catchy musical notes for hip-hop scenes. His music labels became craze where he was seen wearing a bulletproof jacket with a handgun. His muscled body was a plus factor to woo the audience to the large extent. His solid-hits include ‘The Massacre’ (2005) which was a rap number idolized on crime, sex and drugs theme. Some tracks like ‘Candy Shop’ and ‘Just A Little Bit’ were an instant hit with the audiences. In the year 2000, he was ranked as the best hip-hop artist. He even won many awards which include Grammy Award (one time), Billboard Music Awards (13 times), World Music Awards (6 times), American Music Awards (3 times) and BET Awards (4 times). His fifth album was ‘Animal Ambition’ (2014) and his sixth album ‘Street King Immortal’ is likely to get released in August 2016. His personal life is full of the love story with various actresses such as Daphne Joy, Chelsea Handler, and singer Ciara. He married Shaniqua Tompkins and Daphne Joy and had one son born from each marriage. In wealth, he was a second rich celebrity in the rap industry, 50 Cent was placed as a rich celebrity in the second rank next to American rapper Shawn Corey Carter (known as jay-Z) in the Western musical world. 50 Cent is also a renowned investment figure and even song recordist and an actor too.