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Other names of Cole Sprouse: Cole Mitchell Sprouse
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Cole Mitchell Sprouse is an American actor. He was born on August 4, 1992, to Matthew Sprouse and Melanie Wright. He was born in Arezzo, Italy, and few months after his birth, the family shifted to California. The actor has a twin brother Dylan Sprouse, who is older than Cole by fifteen minutes. Cole got his name after the great pianist and singer, Mat King Cole.

He graduated in Archaeology from Gallatin School of Individualized Study, New York University. Cole even did field work in Archaeology for a brief period. Cole also has an ardent passion for photography, and he even took photography lessons from NYU.

In 2011, he instituted his photography website, and he has done photography projects for Teen Vogue, W Magazine, and The Sunday Times Style. Cole started his acting career alongside his twin brother, Dylan, at a very young age.

They did some roles in television commercials, and films during their infancy. From 1993-1998, Cole acted in a sitcom, "Grace Under Fire." In 1999, the twins starred in "Big Daddy." Cole's first independent role was in the eminently popular television series, "FRIENDS."

He played the part of Ross Geller's son, Ben Geller. The role of Ben brought Cole immense fame and recognition. When recalling his days of shooting "FRIENDS," Cole confessed that the most complicated task was to do scenes with Jennifer Aniston She became a household name in 1994 as she appeare >> Read More... Jennifer Aniston , co-star, because he had a huge crush on her, and he would forget all his lines whenever she was around.

In 2005, Cole starred in the Disney Series, "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody," alongside his twin brother, Dylan. Cole played the role of Cody Martin in the show. The twins also starred in the show's sequel, "The Suite Life on Deck."

The character of Cody made Cole Sprouse a household name. It would be correct to say that he was the official crush of every 90's girl. After working as an actor with his twin for various years, he finally started acting in independent roles.

In 2016, Cole bagged the role of Jughead Jones in the famous teen drama, " Riverdale Riverdale is an English TV serial released on Netf >> Read More... Riverdale ." Initially, he was not sure about acting in the show, but after hearing about the dark tone of the show, he agreed. Initially, he was suggested to audition for the role of Archie Andrews, but Cole knew that if he would work in the show, then only as Jughead Jones (and we thank God for that).

We are well aware that no one else could've performed the role of Jughead Jones better than Cole Sprouse. Cole is now one of the most sought-after, and loved artists. Cole wanted his character in the show to be asexual, just like it's in the Archie Comics, but the idea got rejected by the directors. Cole Sprouse is currently dating his "Riverdale" co-star, Lili Reinhart.

They both are the millennial's relationship goals. Cole Sprouse is a Disney star, and now a versatile actor. He is a passionate and a very talented photographer. Not many people know that Cole got into photography as a way to battle Depression. He even took a break from acting because playing a particular role for a very long time had a significant impact on his every day life.