Chris Eldridge was born in Virginia in the United States. He is a singer and guitarist. He is mainly known for his works as a band member of the band Punch Brothers. His father is also a great musician Ben Eldridge. He is famous for works associated with The Infamous Stringdusters and Seldom Scene. He learned acoustic guitar from his childhood when he was just a mid-teen. He fished his studies in Oberlin University. There he studied alongside with Tony Rice, who was a great and famous guitarist.

After his graduation, he joined a band Seldom Scene, which became a very famous band afterward. Later the band went on to win a Grammy nomination in the year 2007. Then he found his own band The Stringdusters which became very famous later on in the year 2005. Later on, he won many awards in the year 2007 for song of the year, the album of the year, and also as an emerging artist of the year. His first album was the Fork in the Road.

He also worked with many famous singers and musicians like Sara Watkins, , Del McCoury, Jon Brion and many other musicians. His first debut music album Punch, which was released in the year 2008 when he was with the band Punch Brothers. After that made the album of Antifogmatic in the year 2010, next he made Who’s Feeling Young Now music album in the year 2012, next he made another album The Phosphorescent Blues music album in the year 2015.

Then he made other albums when he was with the band The Infamous Stringdusters Fork in the Road in the year 2007. Next when he was with the band Seldom Scene, he made the album Scene It All in the year 2000, next he made Scenechronized music album in the year 2007, and next he made Long Time Seldom Scene music album after seven years in the year 2014.