Birthday: 24-02-1975
Age: 44
Star sign: Pisces

His full name is Callan Francis Mulvey. Born in the Southern Hemisphere in 1975, he went on to star in films like Captain America, The Winter Soldier, Underbelly and Rush. Being born in New Zealand, he had moved to Sydney in his childhood. He is partially Maori and is of European heritage. He attended Beacon Hill High School in New South Wales. In fact, a severe head injury marred his career in 2003, and he had then a scrapped face full of titanium plates- he was trapped in the car after the accident and almost after an hour he was rescued from the wreckage. As a result, one of his eyes just stopped working, and headaches just continue to be a part of his life now. For trivia hunters, he is the first actor who has been in both Marvel Cinematic Universe and Dc Cinematic Universe(Jack Rollins, a member of Captain America's S.T.R.I.K.E. team in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Anatoli Knyazev, a mercenary working for LexCorp in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ). His favorite movie is The Shawshank Redemption, the one at the top in IMDB. In spite of chilling out with classical, his favorite pastime is hip-hop.

Surfing and skateboarding preoccupy him a lot and chicken and salad focaccia relieve his taste buds. He married Rachel Thomas in 2010. He came into the limelight in 2004, when Thunderstruck was released. After that, he did not really look back - he appeared as guest in Home and Away and McLeod’s Daughters, then featured in Australian crime show Underbelly, Bikie Wars: Brothers In Arms, Katheryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty, Captain America; The Winter Soldier, Batman vs Superman :Dawn of Justice and many others to be precise. His other major ventures include Beyond Skyline, Kill Me Three Times, Sea Patrol, The Finder, BeastMaster, Code Red, Head Start, Pizza, All Saints, etc.

Harry Lennix English Actor

Harry Lennix

Harry Lennix is one of the most talented actors in the Hollywood. He is an American and was born in Chicago. He has four siblings, of which he is the youngest. He was born to Lillian C. and Harry Lennix Jr., who was a machinist. His father was a Creole from Louisiana and mother was an African-American. He was passionate about acting and was a Quigley Preparatory Seminar South and Northwestern University student. He majored in acting and direction at this University. For many years in Chicago Public School, Harry taught music and civics to the students and is a frequent lecturer. Harry is a much-respected personality in the Hollywood and is loved by many in the world. He is noted for playing The Five Heartbeats as the Terrence. His role in it was live by audiences as well as critics. He portrayed many supporting roles in several movies like Get on the Bus, Love & Basketball, The Matric Series, Stomp the Yard and many more. He started his career in 1989 with The Package, where he played the role of a field soldier and had never looked back since then. He has been working hard and thus has a huge fan following. He also did a fair bit of Television, from The Client in 1996 to Quick Draw in 2013. He has been part of many hit TV serials like Commander in Chief, 24, Dollhouse and Law & Order. His role in Dollhouse is one of the most cherished roles on television. He also had his share of awards as he won the Satellite Award for the Best Supporting Actor for the movie Titus in 1999. His role was a much acknowledged in the movie. He also won the Black Reel Award for the Best Actor in a Television Movie for Keep the Faith, Baby. He married to Djena Graves in 2009. Harry has also given his voice for animated movie Legion of Super Heroes which was loved by all. He also played the role of U.S. President Barack Obama in the comic sketch Little Britain USA. He was appointed as the official Festival Judge at the first annual Noor Iranian Film Festival. He has been co-starring Harold Cooper in the thriller NBC drama The Blacklist. He also played as the Calvin Swanwick in the DC Extended Universe for which he attended the 2013 San Diego Comic-con. Lennix is a very hard-working and passionate character and has been one of the best in his field of work.


Ardeshir Radpour

Belonging to Persian ethnicity, Ardeshir Radpour was completely separated from the bustle and glamor of Hollywood, geographically. He startled everyone, pleasantly, upon achieving success in the showbiz. However, he remained attached to his roots firmly and never gave up his principles to attain prosperity in the film industry. He was born in the month of November 1969, in the reputed city of Tehran, Iran. He is a Zoroastrian Persian. From his early years, he showed great promise in the field of equestrianism as he received training in riding horses from his family members who were accomplished equestrians. The revolutionary war left Iran in a state of turmoil, and Ardeshir relocated to America in pursuit of peace. He completed his undergraduate course in Political Science and History from the University of Southern California. He pursued his post graduation in Political Science from the California State University. He championed the sport of polo at his college, and he has undergone extensive training in combat. Mixed martial arts, karate, and kendo, are included in his vast set of skills. He is an archer as well. Ardeshir believes in practicing his riding and combat prowess every day and does not neglect his health and well-being. He performs exercise on a regular basis to remain fit and in shape. He is conscious about his food habits as well. Ardeshir is known not only for his valor but also for his expertise in dramatics. His work in films like ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’ (2016), ‘Hail, Ceasar!’ (2016), ‘American Sniper’ (2014) and ‘Adventures Of Sheriff Kid McClain’ (2013) are notable. Although he has not received any chief roles till date, he is determined to showcase his proficiency in acting through minor parts in blockbuster movies. He portrayed the part of a CIA special operative in the iconic film, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. The film gained the approval of the audience, and it was much awaited before its release. He played the role of an insurgent in the movie American Sniper, and illustrated the character of a Roman Cavalry Officer in the enlightening film Hail, Ceasar! (2016). Hail, Ceasar! (2016) is an innovative project which gathered unexpected response from the viewership. Joel and Ethan Coel are to be accredited for its scripting. Ardeshir is a competent professional with distinctive education. He has a muscular body and a handsome countenance which are added assets to his brilliant academic qualifications. Ardeshir is capable of making weaponry with artistic determination. He looks forward to enlightening the world about Persia and its traditions.

Ardeshir Radpour English Actor