Birthday: 02-02-1954
Age: 65
Star sign: Pisces

Model Christie Brinkley includes the all-American looks that dominated the convention industry in the 1980s, through which she issued on over 200 magazine sheets. Christie Brinkley was born in Monroe, Michigan. In the 1980s Brinkley was starred on over 200 magazines. She decorated three back-to-back Sports Illustrated swimsuit version covers and authorized a number of products containing Cover Girl Cosmetics. Her major plans in the 1990s involved a short-lived talk program on CNN. Now in her late 50s, Brinkley remains to model. Light-colored, blue-eyed and athletic, Brinkley embody the all-American look that conquered the fashion industry in the 1980s. Though Brinkley was born into the West Coast media view her father is a television writer and producer Don Brinkley. She considered artistic goals from an early age. In 1972, Brinkley travelled to Paris to enter into art school.

She then served as an artist for three years before she got the attention of an American cinematographer on the street. Despite some initial hesitation to leave her creative practice for the high-pressure system of modelling, Brinkley soon grew one of the most queried after faces in the industry. She decorated three consecutive Sports Illustrated swimsuit version covers from the time frame of 1979 to 1981. She authorized a number of commercial goods including Prell shampoo, Cover Girl cosmetics and Chanel perfume. Her efforts to branch out into movie and television carried a brief presentation in National Lampoon's Vacation in the year 1983.

She also performed in a video for then- hubby Billy Joel's pop single Uptown Girl. Subsequent to the birth of her first child, Alexa Ray, in 1985, Brinkley displayed a poster girl for the practical working woman image, maintaining her sex appeal while concurrently juggling work and family purposes. But with the 1980s on the decline and ethnic difference the latest trend in the fashion business, the search for Brinkley's all-American appeal declined. Her major schemes in the 1990s involved a short-lived talk program on CNN named Living in the 90s. In her 50s, Brinkley remains to model, working as a spokesperson for the Cover Girl makeups line.

She is also engaged in many charities, covering the UNICEF and the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Brinkley's primary marriage was to Jean-Francois Allaux which dropped in divorce in 1981 and produced no children. Her much-announced marriage to pop singer Billy Joel proved Brinkley constant public scrutiny. The two got married in 1985 and had a girl named Alexa Ray, that corresponding year. The match lasted nine years. A brief wedding to real property developer Richard Taubman yield a son, Jack Paris, in 1995. Brinkley wed artist Peter Cook in 1996 and after two years in 1998 delivered her second daughter named Sailor Lee. The couple registered for separation in 2006 after Cook allegedly had an extra-marital affair.

After a long or rather fierce divorce trial, they resolved out of court in 2008. Unfortunately, the past couple has stayed to make news since their separation. Brinkley spoke about her ex in a 2012 television conference, stating that he had been harassing her. Cook has discussed her comments. The two have also been involved in a legal dispute over child maintenance. While fighting with these personal objections, Brinkley made a coming to Broadway. She reprised her character of Roxie Hart in the scored musical Chicago for various weeks in April 2012. In extension to Broadway, Brinkley will also present in a public tour of Chicago.

Gisele Bundchen

Born in Southern Brazil, Giselle Bundchen is a renowned model, actress, and philanthropist, who became the first Brazilian model to find international success. She gained the most fame of being one of the top models in the world by being Victoria’s Secret’s angel by the year 2000. As an actress, she had worked in movies like “Devil Wears Prada” and “Taxi” (she was nominated in two streams at Teen Choice Awards for this movie). Super models like Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer have claimed that Giselle is the only real remaining supermodel. From 2000 to 2005, she was in a relationship with Leonardo di Caprio, but married Tom Brady (New England Patriots quarterback) in the year 2009. She has been titled as “the world’s hottest model” by Vogue online and “the most beautiful girl in the world” by Rolling Stone magazine. “Men’s Health” titled her under the category of “100 Hottest Women of All Time” and similarly, she has won many more honourable titles in her career as an entertainer, including “100 Most Powerful Women” by Forbes. She has been on top of the covers of very famous magazines, namely, GQ, Esquire, Flair, Marie Claire, Citizen K, etc. and has walked the ramp for numerous fashion designers such as, Dolce & Gabbana, Christian Dior, Michael Kors, Valentino, Marc Jacobs etc. In 2007, Giselle Bundchen was named “The World’s Richest Supermodel” since she was the most paid one. Giselle Bundchen has done a lot of philanthropy work, like donating $150,000 to Brazil’s “Zero Hunger Programme”, raising money for “St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital”, bequeathing a part of her earnings to victims of AIDS/HIV in Africa, raising money for victims of Hurricane Katrina, offering $1.5 million to Japanese Red Cross Society for the earthquake victims and many more, making her rank No. 15 on the list of “Most Generous Celebrities” by Forbes in 2012.

Gisele Bundchen English Actress