Noam Murro is a film director and producer. She was born on the 16th of August in 1961 in Jerusalem, Israel. He studied architecture. He worked as a director for advertisements. He founded a production company named “Biscuit Films” with Shawn Lacy Tessaro. Their production house produced many successful advertisements. Initially, Noam was finalized as the director of “The Ring Two” in 2005 but stepped back due to some creative differences. Later the film was directed by Hideo Nakata.

He had his debut as a film director in 2008 with the film “Smart People” which starred Dennis Quaid Dennis Quaid is born on 9 April in 1954 in Houston >> Read More... Dennis Quaid , Sarah Jessica Parker She made a perfect portrayal of character and eloq >> Read More... Sarah Jessica Parker , and a few more actors. The film was presented in the Sundance Film Festival in the year 2008. He again got a chance for the film “ A Good Day To Die Hard Click to look into! >> Read More... A Good Day To Die Hard ” in 2011, but he had to leave the film due to some reasons which are not known. He later directed the film “300: Rise of an Empire” (2014) which was a huge hit and Noam became very famous for his work in this film. He also directed a film named “Watership Down” (2018) which is Tv miniseries. He directed TV commercials for many famous brands like Adidas, eBay, Volkswagen, Toshiba, and many more.