Mary Lambert is an American director. Mary was born on the 13th of October 1951 in Helena, Arkansas. She directed many music videos, television episodes, and a few feature films. Most of her feature films are of the Horror genre. Mary is a daughter of Jordan Bennet Lambert III and Martha Kelly. Her younger sister Blanche Lincoln is a former U.S. Senator of Arkansas.

She got graduated from Rhode Island School of Design, Rhode Island with a B.F.A degree. Mary directed a music video like Janet Jackson’s “Nasty” and Chris Issak’s “Dancin.” She had her debut feature film “Siesta” released in 1987. It starred Ellen Barkin and Jodin Foster. She later directed more films like “ Pet Sematary” (1989), “Pet Sematary Two” (1992), “Face of Evil” (1996), and a few more. She also directed many more music videos.