Francis Lawrence is a director and producer from the American film industry. He is an Austrian by origin. He was born on March 26th, 1971 in Vienna, a part of Austria. His father was a physics analyst and taught at the California State University in Northridge while his mother worked at a PR agency. He shifted to Los Angeles at the tender age of three. His first job was a subordinate cameraman on the film Pump Up The Volume, which was launched by Allan at the Loyola Marymount Film School. He then worked as an assistant director in Marching Out of Time which got directed in 1993. He then joined one of his ex-classmates in the making of musical videos.

San Jose band was the first band Francis made a video for A Man Rides Through For, a feature musical video. He was a successful music director and made videos with many renowned stars like Rihanna, Britney Spears Britney Jean Spears or Britney Spears is an Americ >> Read More... , Green Day, and many others. He was also the director for many commercials like Maybelline, Pepsi, Coca- Cola, and Bud Light. In 2005, his feature film got released named Constantine, which was based on a comic book, Hellblazer. Francis was the director of many famous movies like I Am Legend, Water For Elephants Click to look into! >> Read More... , and Touch. Touch was an episode of the Paranormal Fox series.

In the year 2011, he got credited with a Grammy Award for a music video, named Bad Romance. It is a Lady Gaga’s music video. He is presently engaged with DNA Inc. In the month of April 2012, it was announced by Lionsgate Films that Francis was assigned to direct the film of the novel, Catching Fire. The book and movie were supposed to be a part of the hit Hunger Games in which Jennifer Lawrence She’s an Academy Award winning actress at her youn >> Read More... got featured. It got directed by Gary Ross Gary Ross is an American screenplay writer, film d >> Read More... , and the writer of the novel is Suzanne Collins.

Francis got declared the director of the film officially in 2012. He also directed the two parts of Hunger Games sequel Mockingjay. He is presently working on the film adapted from the novel Survivor written by Chuck. Francis has worked in several films some of which are Marching Out Of Time; I Am Legend, Gotham, and Water For Elephants. Some of Francis’s television series include Kings and Touch. Some of her videos include Tidal Front, Akon, Royal C, Mista, Unwritten Law, Bad Religion, Seal, Pink, and Daughtry. He is a recipient of various awards like Critics Choice Movie Award, Saturn Award, Hugo Award, and MTV Award.

Brian Helgeland English Actor

Brian Helgeland

Born on January 17, 1961, Brian Helgeland is one of the only scriptwriter awarded for both an Academy Award (for L.A. Confidential) and a Razzie Award (for The Postman) the same year, a feat rarely achieved. He was born in Providence, Rhode Island to parents of Norwegian descent and raised in New Bedford, Massachusetts. He majored in English at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and eventually graduated from the film school at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, after learning about them and eventually decided to make it as a job after he had initially worked as a fisherman. After working as a duo scriptwriter on small budget horror movies like ‘976-EVIL’ which was a horror comedy and ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master’, both releasing the same year (1988), Brian went on to both write and produce the movie ‘Highway to Hell’ in 1992. His first association with a big budget movie can be traced back to the 1995 action movie ‘Assassins’ with filmmaker Richard Donner, with whom he would have his second collaboration in ‘Conspiracy Theory’ in 1997 that starred Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts. Disappointingly, both movies couldn’t perform well at the box office leaving Brian with a broken morale. But as there is a silver lining, the same year would prove monumental for Brian as he was hired to write for the thriller ‘L.A. Confidential’ which won him his first Oscar Award for Best Adapted Screenplay. The movie also earned him nominations both at the Golden Globes Awards and BAFTA Awards and several other awards and nominations from festivals and film societies all across the world. However, the same year, he won the embarrassing Razzie Award for ‘The Postman’, only to become the 2nd person to achieve the dubious feat. And became only the 4th person to receive the award in person. At the Academy Awards, he was asked about accomplishing this feat to which he replied as that he'd like to display them both side-by-side on his mantle to remind him of the “Quixotic nature of Hollywood” presenting the artists with unrealistic expectations. His first movie as a director was the 1999 crime thriller ‘Payback’ reuniting with Mel Gibson after ‘Lethal Weapon: 4.’ and the movie was a box office success. He then went on to both write, direct and produce the Action/Adventure ‘A Knight’s Tale’ (2001) starring and the thriller ‘The Order’ (2003) both starring Heath Ledger. He has also worked with the renowned filmmaker Clint Eastwood on two projects named ‘Blood Work’ (2002) and ‘Mystic River’ (2003) for which he got nominations for Best Adapted Screenplay both at Oscars and Golden Globe Awards with great reviews and critics calling it one of the best movies of the year. He wasn’t given credit for co-writing the screenplay of the motion picture ‘The Bourne Supremacy’ directed by Paul Greengrass. He would reunite with him later when he wrote the script for the 2008 thriller ‘Green Zone.’ His other collaboration with major directors includes Tony Scott in the remake of ‘The Taking of Pelham 123’ (2009) starring Denzel Washington and John Travolta and Ridley Scott in ‘Robin Hood’ (2010). His other works include Man on Fire (2004), Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant (2009). He directed the 2013 biopic ‘42’ and wrote the screenplay for the 2015 crime/drama ‘Legend,’ loosely based on ‘The Kray Twins’ starring Tom Hardy. In 1990, Brian co-wrote a script with the name ‘The Ticking Man’ with Manny Coto, which they sold for 1.2 million dollars. However, the film was never produced He has also been named as ‘Sexiest Director Alive’ by Glamour’s magazine in its April 2016 issue. He has also been added in the string of fake celebrity death reports after the fake news of his death went viral on social media and the internet on April 07, 2016. .  


Lee Seungmoo

Born in South Korea on April 20th 1963, Lee Seungmoo is a well-known Korean film director. Lee Seungmoo is the son of a well-known book writer and critic, Lee O-Young, who is famous for his books like, Things Korean and The General’s Beard. Seungmoo has two siblings- Lee Gang-mu and Min-a Yi. Seungmoo completed his graduation from New York University in the USA where he majored in cinema studies and filmmaking. After graduation, he returned to Korea and became the founding partner of a film school in Korea. Seungmoo became a teacher and started teaching the students of film school of which he was a founding partner. But Lee also had a passion for writing, so he started writing a screenplay. Earlier, he titled the screenplay as The Laundry Boy but later on he changed the title to The Warrior’s Way. It took him almost ten years to write the screenplay of his debut movie. The idea of a laundry man being a slaughterer struck to Lee when was pursuing cinema studies at NYU. Lee wanted to make a movie but also knew the drawbacks of making a film for the first time. Limitations such as a low budget and to direct a less imaginative film, came along his way. The casting was also very difficult for Lee. Lee’s movie had actors and actresses from Korea, Hollywood, Hong Kong, and Australia. Actors like Jeoffrey Rush, Dong Gon, Kate Bosworth, and Danny Huston were all from different cultural backgrounds which led to the making of a cross-cultural tale. Initially, Lee was very nervous as there is a misconception surrounding the Hollywood actors that they never listen to their directors and are very dominating. But Lee had a good time on the sets with all the actors and everybody gave him the importance of being a director. Lee also found it tough to direct a movie in English as he is from Korea and English is not his mother tongue. According to him, it would have been really easy for him to work as a filmmaker of a Korean movie. The Warrior’s Way was released in the year 2010 which focused on the conflict between the East and the West. This movie is the combination of both Western culture and martial arts. The movie has the perfect amount of action scenes, and Lee directed it in such a beautiful way that the action element doesn’t go overboard. Most of the film’s shooting was done in New Zealand and it had a rating of 6.3 on IMDb.

Lee Seungmoo English Actor