Gareth Evans English Actor
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    - Director

Gareth Huw Evans is a reputed film director, screenwriter, editor and action choreographer in Wales. The director was always fascinated by martial arts of Indonesia and was inspired to become a martial choreographer in the film industry only to showcase them in action films.

Nevertheless, he even brought in a new kind of martial art style, which is extremely popular in Indonesia and known as 'Pencak Silat' into action choreography. ‘Kung Fu’ (Chinese martial arts) and Samurai (Japanese martial arts) are known worldwide through films, and similarly, Gareth wanted to popularize Indonesian martial arts through his films. Hence, Gareth launched his first film project ‘Merantau’ which was released in 2009 and became an instant hit.

He took this project in his hand with multiple risks. One was that he introduced an unknown face ‘ Iko Uwais Iko Uwais is a Film star from Indonesia. He was bo >> Read More... Iko Uwais ’ who was working as a driver in a telephone company as a lead actor. Due to Uwais' screen presence, charisma and thorough knowledge of Indonesian martial arts, the director Gareth Evans had cast him in his first project.

The actor had signed a contract with Evans’ production company for five years and thus Evans went ahead with his numerous action film projects, which became very popular in his country. After the success of ‘Mercantu’, the director again made another Indonesian martial arts film titled 'The Raid: Redemption' in which he cast again actor Iko Uwais. This film released in the United States and was a huge hit and even won people’s choice best film trophy in Toronto international film festival. Thus, Gareth became popular worldwide.

He then again went ahead to make a sequel to ‘The Raid: Redemption’ and directed ‘The Raid 2' which released in 2014 with positive film reviews and won more awards. The director is now planning to make another sequel, which might release in 2018 or 2019. It was said that in 2015 he was occupied with post production of a film ‘Blister.' The director is married to Maya and has a daughter.

Earlier he was living in Jakarta and now has moved to Wales with his family. Born in 1980, the director is charming in his look and is just 36 years old who has made a unique mark in martial arts film and quite popular in the US and other western countries today.