Jason Mann is an amazing Film Director and Screenwriter. He was born in the United States. He is popularly known for the Project Greenlight. Project Greenlight is an amazing series of the popular channel HBO it has four seasons and the audience liked it a lot. In the year 2014 he won the season 4 of contest named Project Greenlight and then he started to direct the popular show The Leisure for the channel HBO. Jason Mann is from San Mateo Country. He later joined Burlingame High School which is in Burlingame, California.

He also joined Columbia University School Of Arts and got an MFA from there in Film Direction. He also joined Loyola Marymount University completed his Bachelors Of Arts in Film Production. He did a very popular short film named Delicacy and this got praised in the very famous Film Festivals named Tribeca, Telluride, Austin in the year 2012 and 2013. He is popularly known for his short film named The Leisure Class which also got praised in the Film Festival named Raindance Film Festival in the year 2013.

His short film Delicacy got released in the year 2012 and this film has a unique concept. The film Delicacy is about a Chef who wants to hunt a very rarely found animal and this is an amazing short film and the audience liked the film a lot. Jason as a Director worked well in the short film Delicacy as he is an amazing director. The audience likes Jason’s vision and his way of portraying things. Jason and the entire team worked hard and made the film what it is. He also did the film named The Leisure Class.

The Leisure Class is a story of a man who wants to marry in a good family, but he has a brother who tends to ruin everything. The writer of The Leisure Class is Jason Mann and David Manson and the Director of this film is Richard Dewey. Jason Mann is a great writer as well, he has written the story Of The Leisure Class very well and the audience liked it. He also did a short film named Laocoon and this got released in the year 2006. The Director and Writer of the movie Laocoon is Jason Mann. The film Loacoon, is the story of a man who travels to Italy to search his father. Laocoon is also an amazing movie by Jason Mann. Jason Mann has contributed a lot to the industry and has given a lot of good stuff to watch.

Andrew Niccol English Actor

Andrew Niccol

Andrew Niccol was born on 10th June,1964 in New Zealand. He is a very popular Film Director, Screenwriter, and a Producer as well. He got married in the year 2002 with Rachel Roberts. He has three children named Ava, Mia, and Jack. He is the writer and the Director of the film Gattaca, Lord of war, Simone, In time, the host, Good Kill and much more. Andrew was born in Paraparaumu, but he brought up in Auckland. In Auckland, he started studying in Auckland Grammar School in the year 1973. He shifted to London when he was 21 years old and started his career as a Director. He started directing Television Commercials and did the same for the next ten years. He is also the Writer and the Co-Producer of the film The Truman Show. The Truman Show got nominated for the category, Best Original Screenplay and won the award for Best Screenplay as well. Andrew’s films focus on many subjects like political, cultural, social, artificial realities and much more. His movie Good Kill also got nominated at the Venice International Film Festival. He has done a Documentary named The Minutes of the year 2012 which was an amazing Documentary by him. He won the award for Best Film for his film Gattaca in the year 1997. He also won the Fun Trophy and a Special Jury award at the Gerardmer Film Festival. In the year 2005, he did the film Lord Of War and he earned a special recognition for Excellence in Filmmaking from the National Board of Review. He also won the Saturn Award for Best Writing, Hugo Award for the Best Dramatic Presentation of the film for The Truman Show. In the year 1999, he won the Best Screenwriter Award at the London Critics Circle Film Awards for his films The Truman Show and Gattaca. He is the Producer of the film named Lord Of War, In Time, Good kill, S1m0ne. He has also written the story of the film named The Terminal, and he is also the Executive Producer of the film. The director of the film The Terminal is Steven Spielberg. In the year 2013, he did the film named The Host as a Director and Writer as well. He has also written the script of the film named Monopoly. He got nominated for the Golden Globe Award for the screenplay of his film The Truman Show. In the year 1999, he also got nominated for the Writers Guild of America for his amazing screenplay.


Peter Hutchings

Peter Hutchings is a well-known writer, director and producer. As a writer, his contributions include ‘Can You Keep A Secret?’, ‘Hush, Hush’, ‘The Language Of Flowers’, and ‘The Last Keepers’. Out of these, he has also produced ‘Hush, Hush’ and ‘The Last Keepers’. The work ‘Hush, Hush’ revolves around the life of Nora who catches the eyes of her good-looking classmate Patch. She begins hallucinating and soon discovers that she is stuck in between the ancient fight between two supernatural entities. The film ‘The Language Of Flower’ is the story of a woman who posts being released from a foster care system, starts working at a flower shop and attempts to change people’s lives as well as overcome her own problems which are caused by her foster mother in the past. The movie ‘The Last Keepers’ is one of his most celebrated works which is about a teenage girl who falls in love in school with a boy who is unusual. As things turn out she discovers some mysterious powers that she possesses that she derives from her ancient family secrets. As an eminent director, Peter Hutchings work includes, ‘Departures’ (2018), ‘The Outcasts’ (2017), ‘Rhymes With Bananas’ (2012) ‘Departures’ is the story of a hypochondriac who works as a baggage handler at an airport and is pushed to face his fears when a teenager from Britain with terminal illness asks him to help her fulfil her bucket list. His another remarkable work ‘The Outcasts’ revolves around the revenge tale of best friends Mindy and Jodi against the prank played on them by the Queen Bee of their high school. The movie stars Victoria Justice, Eden Sher and Ashley Rickards. St The film ‘Rhymes With Banana’ is an acclaimed satire wherein two actresses in their days of struggle find an escape into fantasy to overcome rejection and failure. Believing that their neighbour is a casting agent they imprison him and demand to be cast in films in return for his freedom. The star cast of the movie includes Zosia Mamet, Jee Young Han and Paul Iacono. .

Peter Hutchings English Actor