Birthday: 19-01-1951
Age: 68
Star sign: Aquarius

Bill J. Corcoran is a film and TV director from Canada. Born as William J. Corcoran on 19th January 1951 and raised in Ontario, he grew up on a farm which was adjacent to Kleinburg Studios, where the TV series “Forest Rangers” was filmed. He was twelve during the time of the shooting of the series and was cast as a stunt kid in an episode. This triggered his interest in movies and TV. He graduated from Trent University with a degree in Psychology and English Literature.

Soon, he started his film career as an assistant director for a television show called “Police Surgeon”. He continued to assist directors on different shows and TV movies like “Sidestreet”, “The Newcomers”, “The Cuckoo Bird”, “In This Corner”, etc. In 1980, he directed his first TV series called “Ritter’s Cove”. He also got the chance to direct an episode of the show “ Friday the 13th” (also known as Friday’s Curse). He later went on to direct a few episodes of the 1985 revival of the hit anthology series “Alfred Hitchcock Presents”, which aired on NBC.

From 1987 to 1988, Bill directed ten episodes of the popular “ 21 Jump Street”. The show was a hit among the audience and helped put Johnny Depp into stardom. Bill continued to work as an assistant director besides directing series like “Wise Guy”, “ MacGyver”, “Prey”, “Booker”, “Sunset Beat”, “Equal Justice”, “African Skies”, “New York Undercover”, “Hope Island”, “Stargate SG-1” etc. He also directed TV movies like “Sherlock Holmes: Incident at Victoria Falls”, “Dancing in the Dark”, “A Walton Easter”, etc.

In the early 2000’s, his directorial ventured included “Adventure Inc.”, “Just Cause”, “Mutant X”, etc. In recent times, Bill has directed films like “Death Warrior” starring Hector Echavarria and Tanya Clarke, and “The Lost Girl”. He also has a small acting role to his credit when he appeared as Harvey Klinger in a season 5 episode of “The Brady Bunch”.

In 2010, due to his previous qualifications in Psychology, he enrolled at EAGALA to study equine assisted therapy and its link with psychology. During the same time, he specialized in a one-year course at the Monty Roberts University to study equine therapy as a means to treat PTSD from 2011 to 2012. Bill’s career spans over 35 years and continues to this day. He presently lives with his wife Julie Anne in Los Angeles. He has three children- Liam, Cole, and Lauren.