Johnny Carson English Actor
  • DOB : 23-10-1925
  • Date of death: 23-01-2005
  • Star Sign : Scorpio

John William Carson is a multi-talented American comedian, television host, actor, film producer, writer, and singer. Born to Homer Lloyd Carson, who was a company manager and the Irish girl Ruth Carson, Johnny grew up in various towns. He went to Avoca, Red Oak, Clarinda, and many more places. He was fond of entertaining people since childhood. At his friend’s house, he once found a magic book. Getting attracted to it, he purchased a magician's kit.

He practiced it at home and mesmerized the family and relatives with the magic twists and tricks. At a small age of fourteen, he started performing at the stage. His debut show was “The Great Carson” and he was paid three dollars per show. On completing his graduation from High School, his first encounter with Hollywood was adventurous. He hitchhiked there due to which he was arrested and was asked to pay a fine of fifty dollars.

In 1943, he joined the Navy of United States. Even there he performed his magic tricks. He said that the peak point of his military career was performing a magic trick for the Secretary of the Navy of United States. Navy was not his interest because he wanted to become a magician. So he left Navy. In Lincoln, he joined the University of Nebraska where he learned magic and continued performing it. He could not focus his mind at one place.

He also studied journalism as he wanted to become a comedy writer. He also started trying speech and drama so that he can become a radio performer. Carson also wrote a thesis in college named “How to Write Comedian Jokes,” was a compilation of jokes and plays from popular shows. In the year 1950, he began his career as a Radio Jockey at WOW radio and television in Nebraska. He also hosted television shows like “The Squirrel’s Nest”.

But these could not get him enough income. So he conducted ceremonies at the local Catholic Church dinners which were attended by the eminent personalities there. He continued getting offers and soon became the top anchor of the country. Shows like The Johnny Carson show, To Tell The Truth, were some of his benchmark shows. He faced failures as well. When his prime time show failed, he shifted to London to host a different show.

As a comedian, he did various shows and played many characters like Art Fern, Carnac The Magnificent, Aunt Blabby, etc. These characters were loved and appreciated by the critics and the people. He married four times to different women like Joan Wolcott, Joanne Copeland, Joanna Holland, and then Alexis Maas. He continued doing shows after retirement as well.