Christopher Mintz- Plasse is a Hollywood actor who is mainly known for playing comedy roles. He was born and brought up in Woodlands Hills, California. His father was a postal worker whereas his mother a school counselor. Christopher had a passion towards acting and actively participated in drama in high school.

When Christopher was 17 years old, he and his friends went for auditioning for the role in the movie, Superbad. Fortunately, he got the role of character, McLovin who was a super nerdy guy which brought a lot of comedy to the role. His character of McLovin earned him fame, success and good critics review. He was also nominated for “MTV award for Best Breakthrough Performance” for the role of McLovin. Then, he was offered to play the role of comedic version of the biblical figure, Isaac directed by Harold Ramis in the movie, Year One.

Christopher was asked to audition for the role of Red Mist in the movie, “Kick-ass” in which he had a short role which was further extended to a long one when the director, Matthew Vaughn got really impressed with what he is capable to do. He also dubbed for a character in animated movie, “ How To Train Your Dragon”. In the year 2010, Christopher was also featured in two music videos, “Erase Me”, featuring Kanye West and “Answer To Yourself” by indie rock band. He also starred in the remake of 1985 movie, Fright Night as Evil Ed.

Plasse was also approached for a sitcom “Friend Me” for which he had shot a few episodes but unfortunately the show was not aired as the creator of the series, Alan Kirschenbaum committed suicide. Christopher got an opportunity to play a darker shade role in the remake of his previous movie, Kick-ass for which he had also hired a coach so that he could give justice to the character. He also feature in a documentary which aired on Funny or Die which was based on a road trip initiated by LG to promote the campaign, “It’s all possible ”. Mintz- Plasse dubbed the character of Fishlegs again in the sequel, How To train Your Dragon 2. Christopher also plays the main lead character in “The great Indoors”. He has starred as guest in Wainy Days’ episode, “Tough Guy, “Steve Guttenberg’s Birthday” episode of Kent and also features in three episode of the series, “Flaked”.

Chris Williams English Actor

Chris Williams

Chris Williams is a renowned comedian and voice actor appeared in many American films and shows. His full name is Christopher James Williams. He was in Westchester, New York. He has been known for his work as a voice actor in various animated films and video games. He is the younger brother of sensational singer and actress Vanessa Williams. He is the son of Helen Williams and Milton Williams. His ancestry includes Ghanaian, British, Irish, Cameroonian, Finnish, Togolese, Beninese, Senegalese, and Portuguese. He has been nurtured with everything; he is raised as a Roman Catholic. He completed his education by graduating from Georgetown University. He was blessed with several skills including acting, voice dubbing, managing, and comedy. He was the production manager for Blankman in 1994, which was one his earliest work. He went into comedy and was extremely hilarious at that point. He performed in many top comedy clubs in the country. He has performed in the Caesar’s Palace, The Improv, The Comedy Store and the Venetian. His performance in one man show “Old Blue Eyes Is Black” was a stellar one, which earned him many praises. He has always worked for others and helped others in various ways. He was the magician’s member of the Academy of Magical Arts and also a third-degree black belt in Taek Won Do. He runs many marathons to raise money for the American Diabetes patients and also for Eye Bank of New York. He acted in various other movies like Friday After Next (2002), Scary Movie 4 (2006), Still Waiting (2009). His notable work was in Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story and The World’s Fastest Indian. His role as Tina Washington was acknowledged by man critics. He has also appeared on numerous TV shows like Ugly Betty, CSI: Miami, Hot in Cleveland, Monk, Weeds, One Big Happy, Californication, and Satisfaction. He is a very popular character in American Television industry and has earned huge respect from the audience. He has given voice to many video games from Crash tag team Racing, NBA’06, NFS, Crash of Titans, Skylanders and much more. He is a regular face in the comedy world and has established himself in American Film Industry. He has been teaching many professional actors, scene work and improvisation skills. He has helped many struggling actors in the 15 years of his work and is always available as a mentor to others. He is professional in whatever he does and is expected to work more in the coming years. He has three nieces, Jillian Hervey, Melanie Hervey and Sasha Gabriella Fox all through Vanessa Williams.


Connie Booth

Connie Booth, also known as Constance Connie Booth is an American model, actress, psychotherapist, writer and a comedian. She also worked in the British Cinema. She is recognized for her acting skills portrayed in the British Television show named Family Tower. She portrayed the role of Sophie in the show Dickens of London. Booth was born on January 31, 1944, in Indianapolis, Indiana. Her mother was an actress, and her father was a Stock Burger in Wall Street. After Connie was born, her family moved to New York, USA. She finished her high school education from New York and after completing her secondary education, Booth started working on many Broadway understudy. She also worked part-time as a waitress to earn some more pennies. After working on Broadway, Booth secured the role in Monty Python’s Flying Circus. The show was a sketch comedy and was broadcasted on BBC from 1969 to 1974. She appeared in few episodes of the show. After that, she was also cast for the movie And Now for Something Completely Different directed by Monty Python in the year 1971. The movie was also a British sketch comedy. The movie received mixed reviews from both the British and the American Audiences. In 1975, Booth appeared in another Monty Python movie named Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The movie was a British comedy film directed by Jones and Gilliam. The movie received 97 percent rating from the Rotten Tomatoes. The movie did exceptionally well at the British Box Office and became the most grossing movie at that time. The movie was also honored as the second best comedy movie of all time. Connie played the role of a woman who is considered as a witch by other people. In 1965, she appeared in How to Irritate People. The movie was written by Tim Brooke-Taylor, John Cleese, and Marty Feldman. In the year 1974, Connie appeared in a short film named Romance with a Double Bass. In 1977, Connie appeared in Sherlock Holmes spoof movie. After having a successful career as an actress, Connie diverted from being an actress to being a writer. In 1975, she wrote the show Faulty Star and also starred in it. She played the role of chambermaid and a waitress named Polly in the movie. She portrayed the role of Mrs. Errol in the movie Little Lord Fauntleroy. In 1981, she appeared in Drama series for the first time. She appeared in the show named The Story of Ruth. She portrayed the role of a daughter of an abusive father. She was critically acclaimed for her performance on the show. After that, she appeared in Children’s science fiction show The Tomorrow People. Booth retired from her acting career in the year 1995. She attended the London University for five years to study Psychotherapy. The British Psychoanalytic Council registered her as a Psychotherapist in the year 2000. Booth married her co-worker Cleese in the year 1968. In 1971, Booth gave birth to a daughter and named her Cynthia. Cleese and Booth got divorced in the year 1978. Later in 2000, booth married John Lahr and moved to London. Booth currently resides in North London.

Connie Booth English Actress