Daniel Moder English Actor
Other Skills
    - Cinematographer

Daniel Moder was born in California, USA on the 31 st of January, 1969. He is much acclaimed for his extraordinary works in Spider-Man 3, Mr. & Mrs. Smith and The Normal Heart. Daniel got married to actress, on July 4 th , 2002. He was earlier married to Vera Steimberg., a makeup artist.

Daniel and Julia have three kids, Henry Daniel Moder, Phinnaeus Walter Moder and Hazel Patricia Moder. He did his schooling in 1987 from Saint Monica High School, and later graduated from Colorado University with a psychology degree. He has four siblings, namely Jane, Jyl, Debbie and John. His wife, Julia Roberts is one of the prettiest women and much acknowledged for her fashion statements.

Julia had met Daniel when she was dating Benjamin Bratt. Fireflies in the Garden have been one of the greatest works of Daniel Moder. It was a drama starring Oscar winning actress, Julia Roberts, Ryan Reynolds He is one of the dashing debonair of Hollywood. He >> Read More... Ryan Reynolds and Willem Dafoe He was considered to be one of the chillers in Hol >> Read More... Willem Dafoe . Directed and written by Dennis Lee, the movie got a chance to be premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival. The film was also theatrically released in America on the 14 th of October, 2011. It revolves around the tale of a family’s three generations, and takes one to the flashback.

Charles is a domineering father and his relationship with his son, Michael is that of a strained one. An accident and a funeral set way for Michael to unravel much about the inner affairs and lives of his family. Another movie of Daniel Moder is Plush, a 2013 erotic thriller, written by Nelson and directed by Catherine Hardwicke Catherine Hardwicke was born on 21 October 1955. S >> Read More... Catherine Hardwicke . The film starred Xavier Samuel, Emily Browning Emily Browning is an actress and singer from Austr >> Read More... Emily Browning , Dawn Olivieri, Frances Fisher Frances Fisher is a versatile and well-known Ameri >> Read More... Frances Fisher and Thomas Dekker. Hayley is a married woman and a rising rock star. She loses her brother and a band mate and this puts her in a downward spiral. A new guitarist, Enzo joins their band Plush. The story tells the blossoming erotic relationship that develops between the two. Hayley consequently regrets for falling in love with Enzo.