Christopher Doyle English Actor

Christopher Doyle is a very famous Hollywood cinematographer and filmmaker who has not just worked in the English industry but also in the Honk Kong film industry too. He was born in Sydney, Australia on 2nd of May in the year 1952. Doyle shifted from Sydney to Taiwan in the 1970s. He didn’t stay here for too long and moved on to live in Honk Kong after which he established himself in Taipei. It is after settling here that he gained interest in learning Mandarin the Chinese language from an institute that is located in Taipei and its name is Taipei Language Institute. To make a stable living, he did several varieties of jobs across many countries which made him a wandering soul with an impressive amount of skills. He worked in India as an oil driller and earned his living whereas in Israel he worked as a cow herder by profession. Not just this, he also had some knowledge about Chinese medicines which he brought into use when he settled in Thailand as he became a doctor there. He is a multi-talented person who has tried his hands in almost every field and has also proved his mettle in the arena of photography.

He took on himself the responsibility of being a photographer for the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre. It was after several fields that he tried his luck in, he started the job of working on the cinematography of various short film and documentaries. In 1988, he won an Award for the Best Cinematographer at the Asia Pacific Film Festival for his film ‘That Day, On that Beach’. He has also worked in many Chinese films as its director like Away with Words and this movie was based in Okinawa and Hong Kong. Doyle is very fluent in not just English but also Chinese and French. His name, when seen in Chinese, is ‘Du Ke Feng’ which when translated into English means ‘Like the Wind'. He has also directed various music videos like the video for DJ Shadows for their song Six Pays. He has been awarded at the Cannes Film Festival, AFI Award for Cinematography, and Venice Film Festival among several others.