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David Schneider is a British comedian, actor, and director. He was born on May 22, 1963. David Schneider’s place of birth is London, England. He completed his education at the City of London School. It is an independent school for boys in the City of London. After that, he went to the Exeter College, Oxford to pursue an education in Modern languages, and studied for a doctorate in Yiddish Drama. During his days at the university, he performed mainly physical comedy act, which contrasted with the trend towards stand-up comedy live performance comedy in the 1980s. His nationality is British. He belongs to a Jewish family. He is an avid fan of Arsenal Football Club, a professional football club based in Islington, England, and London. David Schneider met Armando Lannucci, who recruited him for news-radio spoof “On the Hour” in 1991. In 1990, he performed in the BBC Sketch show “Up to Something” with Shane Richie, Frances Dodge. Suzy Aitchison, and Lewis MacLeod.

He portrayed the fictional BBC commissioning editor, Tony Hayers in a BBC sitcom “I’m Alan Patridge,” written by Steve Coogan Steve Coogan, born with the name Stephen John Coog >> Read More... , Peter Baynham, and Armando Lannucci. In 1996, he has written a play “The Eleventh Commandment” for the Hampstead Theatre based on a Jew marrying a gentile. Between 1997 and 2000, he portrayed the part of Bradley Wilson in the British television sitcom “The Peter Principe.” In 2001, he has written the screenplay for the feature film “All The Queen’s Men,” directed by Stefan Ruzowitzky, and starring Matt LeBlanc Matthew Steven LeBlanc, famously known for his rol >> Read More... and Eddie Izzard Born on 7th February 1962 in Colony of Aden, Eddie >> Read More... . Also, he performed in a spoof panel game show “The 99p Challenge,” originally broadcast on BBC Radio 4. He has played the small roles in several movies, including 28 Days Later, The Saint, A Knight’s Tale, and Mission: Impossible, where he portrayed the role of driver of the Eurotunnel train. He played the role of Joseph Goebbels in the British satirical tongue-in-cheek comedy film, “Churchill: The Hollywood Years,” directed by Peter Richardson in 2004.

Following this, David Schneider played his first lead role in a British children’s comedy television series “Uncle Max,” a series of 13 dialogue-free shorts for CITV in 2006. He provides the voice of Blink for the CBBC series “One Minute Wonders.” In 2009, he explored his Yiddish heritage with a thirty minute documentary for British National Radio Station (BBC Radio 4), “My Yiddisher Mother Tongue,” with contributors including academics, family members, Colin Powell, and Michael Grade. Therefore, he is best known for portraying Tony Hayers in the Alan Patridge franchise.


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