Friday, August 12th, 2016

Almost every person on this planet has watched television in their lives. While some have a fetish for cartoons, others just go crazy about seasons of different television series. Everybody plan and spend their weekend (generally) by doing absolutely nothing, but eating and lazing on the couch with the remote of television in hand and surfing different channels and shows. Because television has immense reach to the people and has proved itself as a source of entertainment for us over the time, it comes handy that different shows are available on the small screen to entertain ourselves. So here we present you the list of the top most popular and watched shows of the 21st century.



"I'll be there for you, Cuz you're there for me too." And yes, this one has been there for us as a complete entertainer for so long. Following the love, friendships and lives of 6 friends- Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler and Joey living in Manhattan, sitcom series FRIENDS is an evergreen hit from the 90s. From Phoebe's quirkiness, Joey's adorable nature, Monica and Chandler's cute relationship to everyone's favorite Ross and Rachel, this show gave a lot to its audience in its run of 10 seasons over a span of 10 years. The iconic show gave a new meaning altogether to friendship and love, in a light-hearted and relatable way. Such is its popularity, which even after so many years of ending, the emotional connect with the fans has been such that it remains one of the top viewed shows on online video and download sites.


"Breaking Bad Season 1", "Breaking Bad Season 2", "Breaking Bad Season 3", "Breaking Bad Season 4", and "Breaking Bad Season 5"

He was a good and honest man, who was extremely good in mending for his family. Walter White, a middle class man is suffering from terminal lung cancer. To financially support his family even in his absence, he must team up with his former student who turned into a drug dealer to frame Crystal Meth. A simple plan to take care for his family takes him to a different world and extremes he never thought would be possible. This summarizes the plot of hit television drama Breaking Bad, which had the viewers enthralled with its engaging storyline and brilliant actors. This show had the audience hooked on till the very end, as the fate of Walter White rolled on to its course and gave the public something to get excited.


"Game Of Thrones Season 1", "Game Of Thrones Season 2", "Game Of Thrones Season 3", "Game Of Thrones Season 4", "Game Of Thrones Seasons 5", "Game Of Thrones Season 6", and "Game Of Thrones Season 7"

This one surely has had the Winters Coming with everyone hibernating into their television or laptop screens to find out what happens next in this fantasy drama series, which currently airs on TV. Primarily, this show is a political drama based in the mythical land of Westeros, where several dynasties battle for power and control. Known for its gory and sexual tones, Game of Thrones has been an addictive show with twisted plotlines, impressive and vast characters, unexpected surprises and has a massive fandom all over the world, with everyone crazily desperate for the next episode. If you've not watched this one, then you certainly know nothing, Jon Snow.


The Shield

‘The Shield.’ an American Drama is based on the real life ‘Rampart Division Police Scandal’. This crime drama starred ‘Michael Chiklis’, which is a plot recognized for its representation of corrupt police officers. The series created by ‘Shawn Ryan’ ran for six years for seven seasons (2002-2008). The show is ranked 50 out of 60 Best series by TV Guide.


Modern Family

Three related but different families face trials and misfortunes in their own hilarious ways. This mockumentary tells about the lives of Jay and the families of his daughter Claire and son Mitchelle. Widely popular amongst the masses, Modern Family deals with issues like raising teenagers, gay relationships, and family in a quirky and fun way. With a unique comic script and relatable and lovable characters, Modern Family has made a place in the audience's hearts and contributed to pop culture.


The Big Bang Theory

The word ‘Bazinga’ sounds familiar, doesn’t it? If it does then you have definitely watched and liked the hit television sitcom, ‘The Big Bang Theory.’ This show documents the lives and adventures of socially awkward yet brilliant scientists Sheldon and Leonard, their scientist friends Howard and Raj, and the relationships and escapades of these adorable nerdy boys with Amy, Penny, and Bernadette. The show has become widely popular due to its brilliant comic portrayal and the annoying yet adorable character of nerd Sheldon Cooper. The currently running show has the viewers wanting for more and has made a permanent place in the history of TV pop culture.


"Sherlock Series 1", "Sherlock Series 2", and "Sherlock Series 3"

With sharp cheekbones and an equally stunning performance, actor ‘Benedict Cumberbatch’ has won many hearts with his portrayal of the modern day Sherlock Holmes. Set in present day London, this show traces how detective Sherlock along with his partner Watson solves various twisted criminal cases using his crazy wit and senses. The brilliant spin-off of the classic Sherlock Holmes story into a current day scenario has impressed the audience and made them love the character more. The storyline full of suspense and twists as well as the applause worthy acting by the lead actor, all in all, makes Sherlock-worthy of all the praise it has garnered from the fans and viewers.



When a serial killer imitates the plot of his novel to commit a gruesome crime, successful mystery novelist Richard Castle is compelled to team up with Detective Kate Beckett to solve the case. The duo then goes on to solve much more such harrowing cases. This sums up the basic plot of super hit television drama Castle. With a suave touch and good storyline, Castle became a favorite among the viewers also due to the crackling chemistry between the lead pair. The love-hate relationship and ego clashes between Castle and Beckett was the main point of the show's success, as fans longed to find out the future of their beloved characters' relationship, as they battled their inner demons and tragic pasts to come together.


How I Met Your Mother

This popular sitcom series was about Ted Mosby who narrates to his two children the story of about how he had met and come together with their mother, his late wife. Ted recounts the journey of him and his four friends Barney, Robin, Marshall and Lily as they face life, relationships and love with a pinch of salt. The show became an instant hit due to its unique characters, especially the cool and crazy Barney and his antics. The narrative was in a different style and the suspense of who the mother of Ted's children was kept the viewers hooked on till the very end episode. The fans loved the comic elements and story of the show immensely thus making it an evergreen series.



The award-winning American television series ‘Homeland’, produced by Fox 21 Television Studios which airs on Showtime is a crime thriller series. It is based on 'Prisoners of War’ developed by ‘Gideon Raff’ starring ‘Claire Danes’, ‘Damian Lewis’, ‘Morena Baccarin’ and ‘Jackson Pace’. The series of 5 seasons is a story of a bipolar CIA operations officer, Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) who is on trial after executing an unofficial operation in Iraq. And the sixth season will be appearing in 2017.



House was a gem in the history of American television. The life of a pain killer addict, anti-social, arrogant and witty medical doctor Gregory House is what this show tells us. ‘Hugh Laurie’ essayed the principal character of Dr. Greg House, a rude yet brilliant doctor who along with his team of colleagues solved twisted and unconventional medical cases with his sharp yet eccentric mind. How Dr. House did his job the best along with dealing with his inner conflict and relationship problems and battling with drug addiction and social inability formed a major affection for the character and the show among the audience. The show also showed how Dr. House and his team connected with the various patients at different mental and emotional levels and thus was considered to be a unique medical drama with a dash of brilliant wit. Thus, House is a must watch show not to be missed.


The Vampire Diaries

"An enthralling teenage saga of vampires, werewolves, witches, rebirth and romance" is what best defines the essence of hit television drama The Vampire Diaries. Telling the story of human teenager Elena and her love triangle with vampire brothers Stefan and Damon Salvatore, Vampire Diaries was an instant hit with the youngsters owing to its appealing supernatural love story and gorgeous lead actors. The amazing chemistry between actors Ian and Nina is most talked about, and the fans loved the twisted and unpredictable plot which became darker and more intriguing over time, leaving viewers in awe and anticipation. The show resulted in various fandoms with it getting immortalized like its immortal protagonists in various fan arts and fan fictions.



If you are into crime and suspense, then 24 is a must watch series for you. Completing eight seasons till now, 24 showcases the story and escapades of top cop Jack Bauer who has a troubled family but is extremely skilled in his field. The most interesting part of the show is that each season just tells the happenings in the span of 24 hours each. So, eight seasons show the events unfolding on eight different days. The fast paced story and the thrilling suspense of how Jack saves the city from various threats and attacks garnered a lot of appreciation from fans. So much was the craze of the show that it is also remade in Hindi with the same name for the Indian audience.



The past, present, and future lives of surviving Oceanic Flight 815 passengers are entangled dramatically as a fight for survival ensues in a quest for answers after they crash on a mysterious island. Each discovery prompts more and more secrets, as the hastily-formed colony find different ways to go off the island. This is when they realize it is their home. Quite an interesting plot, isn't it? With a unique concept and smart execution, television drama series made quite a lot of fans for itself in its run of six seasons. The audiences were hooked on to find out about the past revelations and futures of the characters, and the show had high ratings and viewership till the last episode.



What happens when one running from the law becomes a negotiator of law itself? Highly popular drama series Suits tells about how Mike was running away from a drug deal, lands a job at the prestigious law firm of celebrated lawyer Harvey Specter without any prior or proper knowledge of the law. Harvey hires Mike only due to his brilliant mind, and then they both go on to become a top duo solving criminal cases together. How they get along and bond at the same time hiding the secret about Mike's qualifications forms the rest of the story. Suits gained a lot of appreciation due to the smartly penned characters and the crackling brother-love between Harvey and Mike, with streaks of humor.


30 Rock

Jack Donaghy is an executive in a top TV network. Liz Lemon is a producer whereas Tracy Jordan is the rash star of a very famous variety show. Lemon is frequently busy, juggling corporate interference from Donaghy and off-the-handle star tricks from Jordan, all while attempting to recover her own personal life. Popular sitcom 30 Rock gives us a sneak-peak into the behind the scenes of television production houses in a satirical way and was loved by the viewers instantly. ‘Tina Fey’s portrayal of career woman Liz who tries to manage her messy professional and personal lives in a quirky yet sorted way got the show a lot of appreciation. All in all, 30 Rock was a captivating show with the right dosage of humor and yet keeping it real, paying a tribute to those multi-taking women who manage both work and home efficiently.



Two brothers follow their father's footsteps as they become "hunters" who fight evil supernatural beings of several kinds including monsters, demons, and gods that wander the earth. Basically, two handsome hunks hunting down and destroying all supernatural evil, sounds quite appealing doesn't it? Fantasy series Supernatural follows the saga of Sam and Dean Winchester, who protect the humans as hunters of the Supernatural. The charming lead actors and the cool and in trend concept led Supernatural to become one of the most loved teen dramas on television. While young girls drooled over the charming looks of Sam and Dean, everyone was also in awe of the storyline and effects. Thus fantasy thriller series Supernatural also ranks high on the list of top trending shows.


Mad Men

An American Drama series focusing on New York’s most renowned agency set in the era of 1960s has ruled the American Television for years. The glamorous TV show revolving around Sterling Cooper advertising agency plunged the audience to their TV screens. The employees of Madison Avenue live in an ego-driven world for cold-blooded competition. As today's world is highly competitive, this show has the power to reach out to many people. Created by ‘Matthew Wiener’, it was the most popular show on AMC.



The American superhero fiction ‘Arrow’ revolves around a billionaire playboy Oliver Queen who later turned himself into a hooded vigilante after that coined by the term ‘Arrow’. After being stuck on an isolated island because of his father’s sinking yacht. For five years, he returns to his homeland to serve a cause of prevention for the increasing crimes. The show ran for four seasons gaining stunningly high popularity among the masses worldwide.


House of Cards

Kevin Spacey starrer ‘House of Cards’ is a political drama series which commenced on February 1, 2013, directed by ‘Beau Willimon’. The show ran for three years with four seasons and according to Netflix, the fifth season is scheduled in 2017. The show based on a novel ‘House of Cards’ is written by ‘Michael Dobbs’. The plot deals with the themes of harsh practicality, control, and power. The people having a sense of politics and are control freaks will surely connect with this show.