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Kannada Tv Serial Mahabharata - Star Suvarna

Mahabharata - Star Suvarna Kannada TV SERIALS on Star Suvarna
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Mahabharata is a Kannada TV series that airs from 11: 30 AM to 12: 00 noon and 8: 00 to 8:30 PM on Star Suvarna. This serial has been dubbed in Kannada from the original Mahabharat serial in Hindi. Star Suvarna offers a wide range of family entertainment shows. This series depicts the great Indian epic Mahabharat. The grand scenes of royal riches and battle scenes are shown in detail and the plot of this series follows the tale of Mahabharat. Don’t forget to tune in to this amazing series, exclusively on Star Suvarna.


B.Saroja Devi Kannada Movie Actress
DOB: 7 January 1942
B.Saroja Devi
Devaraj Kannada Movie Actor
DOB: 20 September 1953
Pawan Kumar Kannada Director
DOB: 29 October 1982
Pawan Kumar
Ambareesh Kannada Movie Actor
DOB: 29 May 1952