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Star Saviruchi is a cookery based reality show which airs on Colors Kannada. It is a Kannada language series which got broadcasted every day barring Sunday i.e. from Monday to Saturday at 12:30 PM. The show brought celebrities mostly from the film and television industry. They then went on to prepare various dishes according to the day’s episode. It was one of the most famous and appreciated shows to air on television.

The series focused on dishes which weren’t regular fare and which many people had forgotten. The dishes prepared were distinctly unique and not ones which we would see on a daily basis. These often forgotten preparations would get revived on the show by the visiting celebrities. The program got hosted by the famous personality Navya. The guests got engaged in various questions about their lives apart from the cooking activities. This turns the show into a talk show as well where the audience members get to see a different side to the stars they have adored from their TV screens. The guests take a candid approach and are extremely relaxed. It looks like two regular friends meeting up and talking to each other.

The food which got made are also variants of many regular dishes which only some of us would have seen at home. They are extremely tasty, and the method of preparation showcases some of the most traditional techniques which get adopted. The spices and ingredients also represent this and reflect the lost art of cooking which our ancestors used to adopt. These dishes are not particularly difficult to prepare but have for a variety of reasons gone out of the regular households. The combination of the sumptuous dishes as well as the celebrities sharing their stories makes the entire program a fascinating watch. It gained a lot of popularity in a relatively short span and quickly became a favorite with the viewers.

The show was highly appreciated for the way it got anchored and engaged the audiences. It featured numerous popular stars from the film as well as the television industry and lent to the popularity of the entire series. The anecdotes shared by the guests were many times quite personal and showed a different side to their personality altogether. This enabled them to break the barrier of their star personas and bond with the audiences a lot more. The fan base hence became an extremely loyal one.

Another Version Of This Show:

Star Saviruchi is a famous kitchen show which telecasts in the channel ETV Kannada. This show is hosted by Navya with Profesional partner Manjunath and Nelamangala. This show is telecasted every Monday to Sunday at 1 PM. This show is exclusively about the stars coming to the studio and preparing various food items. The specialty of this show is that they prepare traditional village dishes which have become old and many people have almost forgotten or have no idea about.

Every Sunday this show gets the just married young couples special and makes both the Husband and the wife to participate in the Cookery show. Nandini exclusively hosts this show. One of the episodes invited Renuka and Kiran. They prepared two dishes which included Nendra, Baalehannu Jamun and Biscuit Roti which are Mangalore specials. The show also called Sharath and Keerthana Athrey as guests in Young couple episode. One of the most excited episodes was when the show called its Sunday special as Singer’s Sunday Saviruchi.

This show specially invited one of the most desirable vocalist Dr.Nagavalli Nagaraj. She has got a rich voice that takes the breath of Audience. She has given many concerts, and all of them were very impressive. Dr.NagavalliNagaraj prepared the tasty dish Palak Paneer. It is a purely vegetarian dish from Punjab. The dish is often served as the Main course. The Main ingredients are Spinach and Paneer. This was one of the most famous episodes, till date. The show prepared many dishes which included Siri laddu, Kharadapuri, and many others.



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