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Chandra Nandini is a fictional drama telecasted in Star Suvarna. It is the dubbed version of the Hindi series of the same name telecasted on Star Plus. Ekta Kapoor Ekta Kapoor; a legendry producer in Indian TV and >> Read More... and Shobha Kapoor Shobha Kapoor is a film and television producer fr >> Read More... produced the series under the Balaji Telefilms banner. It is one of the high-budgeted series produced by Ekta Kapoor. R M Joshi and Neha Singh Bio Coming Soon >> Read More... scripted the series. Ranjan Kumar Singh Ranjan Kumar Singh is an actor born in Patna, Biha >> Read More... , Mukesh Kumar Singh Mukesh Kumar Singh is an Indian Television Directo >> Read More... , and Kadar Kazi Kadar Kazi is a creative director in the Hindi ent >> Read More... directed the series. Ravi Naidu Ravi Naidu was born in Atlanta, Georgia to parents >> Read More... cranked the camera. It is a fictional story, loosely based on Chandragupta Maurya Chandragupta Maurya was co-created by Sagar Expres >> Read More... , the popular Emperor.

Suryagupta Maurya is a small King who rules his country majestically with his wife, Moora. Moora is pregnant. Once Surya gets an invitation to Magadha. He finds that Magadha queen Avantika cheats the King and is in love with Nanda, a barber. Soon, Nanda kills the Magadha King and Suryagupta. Moora escapes and gives birth to a boy child. When she was about to get caught by Nanda’s men, she hides her child in a cattle pound. Kanika, a woman, finds the child and adopts him, and names him Chandra. She grows the child without revealing that he is not her child. Kanika’s husband tortures her for Chandra. So, Chandra leaves the house. He meets Chanakya and becomes close with him. Chandra and Chanakya plans to save Magadha from Nanda. Chanakya teaches Chandra all the essential things needed for a King. Meanwhile, Avantika’s daughter Nandini is grown up, and they plan for her wedding. She cancels her wedding and ties the knot with Chandra. Chandra plans to dethrone Nanda and works accordingly with Chanakya. How did they dethrone him? Who all involved in this process? The rest of the story deals with it. However, the highlighted part of the series is the love story between Chandra and Nandini.

Rajat Tokas Rajat Tokas is a prominent Indian television actor >> Read More... , Jineet Rath All of us must have seen the Huggies’ diaper adver >> Read More... , Shweta Basu Prasad Shweta Basu Prasad is a famous name on television, >> Read More... , Angel Roopchandani, Saanvi Talwar Sanvi Talwar is an Indian Film and Television actr >> Read More... , Tanu Khan Tanu Khan aka Tarannum Khan isa daily soap T.V act >> Read More... , Rahul Sharma This Hindustani musician was born on 25th Septembe >> Read More... , Siddharth Nigam Siddharth Nigam is a child actor predominantly see >> Read More... , Ayaan Zubair Rahamani, Avneet Kaur Avneet Kaur was born on 2001 Jalandhar, Punjab. Sh >> Read More... , Prerna Sharma Prerna Sharma is an Indian TV actress. She mostly >> Read More... , Arpit Ranka Arpit Ranka is popularly known as Duryodhan in Mah >> Read More... , Mansi Sharma Mansi Sharma is an Indian television actress who >> Read More... , Vidya Sinha Vidya Sinha was born on 15 November 1947 in Mumbai >> Read More... , Papiya Sengupta Papiya Sengupta is a well-known small screen actor >> Read More... , Sheeba Chaddha Sheeba Chaddha was born in Delhi in the year 1973 >> Read More... , Chetan Hansraj Chetan Hansraj was born on June 15, 1982 in Mumbai >> Read More... , Rohit Choudhary Rohit Choudhary is Rajasthan born actor. His fathe >> Read More... , Urfi Javed Urfi Javed is a model and television actress and w >> Read More... , Piya Valecha Piya Valecha is an Indian actress and model. She w >> Read More... , Lokesh Batta Lokesh Batta is a Hindi television actor as well a >> Read More... , Rushiraj Pawar Rushiraj Pawar is an upcoming young and multi tale >> Read More... , Danish Bagga, Geetanjali Mishra Geetanjali Mishra is an Indian actress. She was bo >> Read More... , Vibhuti Thakur Vibhuti Thakur was born on 8th March 1984. This Mu >> Read More... , Kristian Hedegaard Petersen Kristian Hedegaard Petersen is an English actor. H >> Read More... , Andrea Ravera Andrea Ravera is an Italian actor who has worked i >> Read More... , Khushboo Shroff Khushboo Shroff is an Indian actress, born on the >> Read More... , Ankur Malhotra    ‘Ankur Malhotra’ was born on 21 June 1986. He i >> Read More... , Vikas Salgotra Vikas Salgotra is a Hindi television actor. He is >> Read More... , Shikha Singh Born on 7 February 1986, Shikha Singh hails from C >> Read More... , Pooja Banerjee Pooja Banerjee is an Indian Television Actress. Po >> Read More... , Ishaan Singh Manas, Ahad Ali Aamir, Abhishek Nigam Abhishek Nigam is an Indian Actor. He was conceive >> Read More... , Pragati Chourasiya Pragati Chourasiya, an Indian Actor, we watched he >> Read More... , Gautam Nain Gautam Nain is an Indian film and television actor >> Read More... , Nirisha Basnett Ms.NIRISHA BASNETT is a Nepali actress. She is a B >> Read More... , Sheezan K, Charmi Dhami Charmi Dhami is an actress working in the Hindi TV >> Read More... , Lavina Tandon Lavina Tandon is one of the popular TV serial actr >> Read More... , Athar Siddiqui Actor Athar Siddiqui is currently part of Hindi sh >> Read More... , Rahul Sharma, Garima Arora Garima Arora is an Indian chef. She was born on 9t >> Read More... and Vikas Singh Rajput are in the cast.

Another Version of the Serial...

Chandra Nandini is a television period drama that revolves around the life and rule of India’s renowned and well-cherished king Chandragupta Maurya, the founder of the Mauryan dynasty who united the Indian sub-continent. The serial is basically the love story of Chandragupta and a princess named Nandini. The show starts with a narration. Suryagupta Maurya is a local king and leads a happy life with his pregnant ife Moora. When he receives an invitation from the kingdom of Magadha about a festival he decides to go with his family. However, at the festival he finds out that the queen Avantika is cheating on her husband with a barber named Nanda. Afaid of discovery, Nanda kills the king of Magadha and later Suryagupta. However, before he dies, Suryagupta helps to save Moora. She gives birth to a boy and manages to hide him. She escapes but soon gets arrested. A woman named Kanika later finds Moora’s son and decides to adopt him. However, she doesn’t get to know about his real identity. The show skips 8 years after this. The bay from earlier named Chandra is seen to live with his adoptive parents. But he decides to leave the house as he realises the cause of abuse Kanika receives is because of him. On the other hand, Moora is seen to be still a captive in prison. Nanda and Avantika are happily married and they have several sons. Avantika finally gives birth to a daughter which they name Nandini.

Chandra arrives at Magadha and meets a man named Chanakya. Chanakya had been trying to persuade the king Nanda and save Magadha but to no avail. He sees Chandra and realises his potential as the future king who can be a just and compassionate ruler. He decides to take Chandra under his wing and train him accordingly and teach him. The show again skips 9 years. This time Chandra has grown up to become a strong and talented warrior. Nandini on the other hand is also shown to have become grown up and ready for marriage. However, her planned marriage is cancelled as she had to marry Chandra in order to save her mother and the kingdom. Slowly they fall in love with each other, however, things become complicated as several problems are created by Malayakatu and Helena. Nandini’s twin sister Roopa comes into the picture and plays as the main antagonist. Durdhara catches her in the act and informs Chandra blaming Nandini for not informing them sooner. Chandra and Nandini eventually get married again but this time they get fully committed towards each other. Chanakya worries about their close bond and informs Chandra about the pending attack from both Nnada and Seleucus I Nicator.

Chandra takes action immediately and somehow manages to convince Seleucus not to attack Magadha and decides to make Helena the chief queen. Durdhara is 7 months into pregnancy and Helena threatens her with her life if she decides to speak against her or her rule. When Durdhara falls sick, Helena poisons her which eventually makes her sick even more than before. Chandra and Chanakya worry about her condition. Her baby was taken out by surgery in order to save it but Durdhara dies in the process. As a last dying hope she points her finger at Helena as to make sure to convey the message of Helena’s treachery but the others mistake the message for Nandini. They all are shocked by the revelation even though it’s just a misunderstanding and upon the orders of Helena and Chandra, Nandini gets banished from the kingdom because of this act even though she was innocent in the whole ordeal. How Nandini returns, how Chanakya’s intelligence saves the kingdom, whether Chandra and Nandini’s love holds strong for each other and whether Helena’s treachery gets uncovered is what constitutes the rest of the episodes.