Angel Rupchandani

Other names of Angel Rupchandani: Angel Roopchandani
Angel Rupchandani Hindi Actress

Acting is an art. No one can act impressively as the children do with their cute expressions. Nowadays, Angel Rupchandani is one of the most popular child actresses. She was born on 15 January 2008 in Mumbai. Her nickname is Angel. Her father's name is Vicky Rupchandani.

Her sibling's name is Pranav. She resides in Mumbai, Maharashtra. She Follows the Hindu Religion. She made her first debut as an actress in her tv serial named Chandra Nandini Story Soon >> Read More... Chandra Nandini . Her role in this tv serial was young Nandini.At this young age, she met many famous movie actors and actresses and impressed them with her acting.

She started her career and helped her family a lot. She spends a lot of time with her father. Her father found out talent in her and motivated her to act in Short films and advertisements. It made a turning point in her career.