Vibhuti Thakur was born on 8th March 1984. This Mumbai-based girl is one of the most loved bahus of the Television Industry. Her father, Mr. Sudhakar Gopal Patil, a retired officer I.R.E, and her mother Mrs. Shobha Patil, who is a housewife. She is married to Mr. Yashpal Thakur. She is an Indian actress and having an average height of 5’5 inches; she makes her charm stronger. Women with short height are addressed as cute. She is a pass out from Sri Kalhidhar Mission High School, and she has a degree of Bachelor of Science, in Chemistry. After completing her education, she entered the television industry. She made her debut in the daily soap Bandini. She has also been in the daily soaps like Doli Armaano Ki Doli Armano Ki or “The Palanquin of Dreams” is an >> Read More... Doli Armaano Ki , CID, Savadhan India, Mata ki Chowki, Sasural Genda Phool Sasural Genda Phool is a famous television light-h >> Read More... Sasural Genda Phool , etc.

The milestone in her career was her role in Doli Armaano Ki. She has the keen interest in Swimming and dancing and is also trained in both. She is a singer too. Her voice becomes the source of entertainment during breaks, between shots. Her grace and beauty have helped her gain popularity whereas her skills, and hard work has taken her to this height. Vibhuti has been very active on social media, she is on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and has been very successful in keeping contact with her fans. Vibhuti is a hit on television, and if she tries for the silver screen, she be a blockbuster. Her elegance is striking, and this will take her to a long way in her journey to success. Thakur stands out in the crowd and holds a celebrity position. She is sweet and soft-spoken. Her hard work is rising day by day, and that will help her pave ways to new dimensions of success.

Vidhi Parekh

Vidhi Parekh is an Indian Television Actress. She rose to fame with her hit prime time show Jamuna Paar which aired on Imagine TV. Vidhi is from Pune, India and was born on 30th of January in the year 1989. After completing her schooling, she joined a Tech Institute and studied engineering. After completing her engineering in Electronics and Telecommunication, she wanted to pursue Masters in Business Applications. For a short period, she worked for an HR-based company and tried her hand in people management. During a trip from Pune to Mumbai, she was spotted in a food mall and was approached for a role. Fortunately, destiny brought her to the sets of Jamuna Paar, and she got her first break in Indian Television. Being from a non-acting background, she had to struggle on her skills and work hard on grooming herself and polishing her acting techniques. The story of the show Jamuna Paar revolves around Vidhi Parekh’s character – Vidhi Malhotra and her co-star Ankur Verma’s character Bijju. Bijju is a small scale entrepreneur, and Vidhi is an aspiring designer. Vidhi asks for Ankur’s help to collect fabric for her creations, and that’s how the love story between the two begin. The show garnered decent TRPs since it’s starting. The capital city of India, New Delhi, provides the perfect backdrop for the show. The broadcasting time of the show was prime that is 9:00 pm, which helped the show garner more audiences. The show was directed by Partho Mitra, Niraj Baliyan & Pradeep Gupta and written by various artists including Zama Habib. Vidhi has openly talked about the struggles of the industry – the long working hours and the inability to go out in public without being recognized, but she also states that all the efforts are worth the love and recognition they get. She also has commented on the regular workout and necessary fitness regime for actors which is exhausting but mandatory. She also feels lucky to have got her first project with the popular banner of Ranjan Shahi who has produced famous faces in the Hindi Television Industry like Sara Khan and Mona Singh. She appreciates his ability to explore the potential and bring out the best in actors. Unfortunately, the Hindi Entertainment Channel abruptly went off the air in April of the year 2013. Jamuna Paar was also terminated, and Vidhi hasn’t been seen in any significant roles ever since.

Vidhi Parekh Hindi Actress