Vikas Salgotra is a Hindi television actor. He is from Punjab. He starred in the famous Hindi serial CID. It was broadcasted on Sony TV. It was created by Sony Entertainment Television India and Sony Entertainment television Asia. He starred as Inspector Mayur in CID. He is a daring and dynamic cop. Vikas Salgotra is one of the most handsome hunks in Hindi television.

He has a lot of young female fans. He is considered to be cute and charming actor among young girls. He is an active member of Facebook. His fans have created pages for him. It has more than 900+ likes. Vikas Salgotra is also a model. Before entering the television industry, he started his career as a model. He has done theater with ‘Asthaa’ group. He also worked for ‘Three Penny Group’. Vikas Salgotra is a multi-talented person.

He is also a trained dancer and a voice artist. He is a talented dancer. He has good dancing skills. He is also a voice expert. He can imitate lots of voices of different people. Vikas Salgotra’s CID is an Indian television cop series. The series is set in Mumbai. The series premiered in January 1998. It is completing Its 19th year in 2016 making it the longest running television series in India. This show was aired on weekends on Saturday and Sunday nights.

The series completed its 1000th episode on 27th September 2013. It is created by B.P. Singh. This serial has 8 seasons. It is an investigative series. The plot is about the criminal cases that are solved by the Central Bureau of Investigation. Vikas Salgotra starred in CID in 2014. He also starred in Maharana Pratap. It was broadcasted on Sony TV. It was an Indian historical series. It is based on the story of Maharana Pratap. He is a sixteenth century Hindu Rajput ruler of Mewar. Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan narrated the first episode of the series.

Vikas Salgotra played the role as Kunwar Rai Singh. He had a romantic start on his track on Maharana Pratap. Then he started working in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan. It was aired on MTV. He worked as a producer for a radio station. He got a good working atmosphere on the sets of kaisi yeh yaariyan. He also had a great time working in kaisi yeh yaariyan. He always thanks his fans for their blessings. Vikas Salgotra is a prominent person in Hindi television industry.